Reyes / Russell 24th Annual Angus Bull Sale

Lyle Ramsey, Wiggins, Colorado, purchased several Reyes/Russell bulls.

Date: Feb. 23, 2015

Location: at the ranch near Wheatland, Wyoming

Auctioneers: Lex Madden and Shawn Madden

Reported by: Scott Dirk

Average: 238 Angus bulls – $7,800

The Juan Reyes and Keith Russell families each run separate cowherds, but both have the same goals and expectations in mind for the end result. That is why these two families have had such a successful run of hosting a joint production sale for the past 24 years.

Those goals include breeding bulls that are deep-sided, thick, sound-footed with good bone structure. They both strive for performance and good conformation. Their easy fleshing bulls will work in any altitude. It is evident this is working by the huge crowd of new and repeat buyers in the seats for this sale. Prospective buyers came early and studied the bulls deep in every pen.

The top selling bull on the day was lot 2, MR Gamer 20003, a May 2013, son of Woodhill Game Day U6-Y98. This thick sided, calving ease prospect had a moderate 70 pound birth weight, 816 pound weaning weight and epds of BW -0.2 WW 54 YW 94 Milk 21 and sold to Wheeler Mt. Angus, Whitehall, Montana, for $25,000.

Selling at $17,000 was lot 5, MR Gamer 4983, another calving ease May 2013, son of Woodhill Game Day U6-Y98. This bull has epds of BW -0.2 WW 49 YW 88 Milk 28 and sold to Mountain Valley Livestock, Douglas, Wyoming.

Lot 49, MR Kolt 20263, a July, 2013, son of KMR Kolt 116 with a 76 pound birth weight, 912 pound weaning weight and epds of -0.2 WW 52 YW 85 Milk 22 sold to Bob Swift, Walden, Colorado, for $14,500.

Lot 1, MR Windy 20223, a June 2013, son of HARB Windy 758 JH with epds of BW 1.0 WW 44 YW 75 Milk 21 sold to Mountain Valley Livestock for $13,500.

Todd Taylor, Post, Texas, bid $13,500 to get lot 18, MR Granite 23123, a June 2013, son of Connealy Black Granite with epds of BW 2.5 WW 72 YW 120 Milk 29.

Also selling at $13,500 was lot 24, MR Slagle 20023, a June 2013, son of SA Upward 671 with epds of BW 3.4 WW 61 YW 113 Milk 23. This bull had a 205-day weight of 822 pounds, and sold to Jeff Anderson, Pierce, Nebraska.

In the yearling bulls, two topped out at $11,500 each.

Lot 240, KMR Wisdom 734, a November 2013, son of Sitz Wisdom 481T with epds of BW 1.8 WW 50 YW 94 Milk 20 sold to Dennis Edwards, Gillette, Wyoming.

Lot 241 KMR Wisdom 854, a December, 2013 son of Sitz Wisdom 481T with epds of BW 0.1 WW 50 YW 91 Milk 19 sold to Reuben Ritthaller, Newcastle, Wyoming.