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Rhodes Red Angus Bull Sale Report

Jesse Crump and Andrew Johnson.

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: March 26, 2018

Location: at the farm, Faulkton,SD

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


36 Red Angus Bull averaged $7,208

Sale Highlights

Lot 1 at $75,000 RREDS SENECA E734 Dob 2-27-2017 Reg 3779513 RREDS Seneca 731C x RREDS Lana 306A sold to Jacobson Red Angus Hitterdal,Minn. and 5L Red Angus, Sheridan, Mont.

Lot 10 at $13,000 RREDS ROLLIN DEEP E741 Dob 3-3-2017 Reg 3779487 Bieber Rollin Deep E741 x Bieber Adelle 253W sold to Pokorny Red Angus Stapleton, Neb.

Lot 3 at $9,000 RREDS UP FRONT E728 Dob 2-25-2017 Reg 3779529 pie up Front 508 x RREDS Lana 402B sold to Jerry Senn, Nisland, S.D.

The Rhodes family had a nice group of buyers on the seats and on the phones and internet to bid on a great set of Red Angus bulls.