Richard Angus Annual Production Sale |

Richard Angus Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: Dec. 10, 2021

Location: At the ranch near Belfield, ND

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


100 Coming Two Year Old Angus Bulls – $5,578

50 Commercial Bred Heifers – $1,880

This was the 9th Annual Production sale for Richard Angus. The bulls in this sale are the result of many years and dedication to breeding cattle that will work in all aspects of the industry. Brandon and Emily work endlessly to supply their customers with the best bulls possible that will produce big calves and excellent replacement females.

Top selling bulls:

Lot 4, Richard Profile 0189, 4/20 son of Sitz Profile 1160 to SD buyer at $14,000.

Lot 33, Richard Logo 0014, 3/20 son of Sitz Logo 12964 to Edgar Bros. Rockham, SD for $14,000.

Lot 5, Richard Profile 0016, 3/20 son of Sitz Profile 1160 for $12,500 to KG Ranch, Three Forks, MT.

Lot 25, Richard President 0149, 4/20 son of SAV President 6847 to Jayce Shearer, Wall, SD for $11,500.

Lot 94, Richard Raindance 0061, 4/20 son of SAV Raindance 6848 to Gregg Mowrer, Mobridge, SD for $11,000.

Travis Hurst, Buffalo, SD and Joe Burke, Newell, SD at the Richard Angus sale.
Mike Isaak, Dodge, ND and Byron Richard after the Richard Angus sale.
Brandon Richard at the 9th Annual Richard Angus Production Sale.

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