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RLV Gelbvieh 39th Annual Production Sale

Morell Livestock purchased lot #3.

TSLN rep: Curt Westland

Date: March 23, 2019

Location: at the ranch, Nisland, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Joe Vodicka

Rich and Linda Vavra hosted their 39th annual bull sale March 23. A new date and location at their ranch east of Belle Fourche. A good crowd was on hand to view an even greater set of bulls.


20 bulls – $3,338

Topping the sale was lot #7, RLV Biggs 7F a son of RLV MR 7D, sold for $6,250 to Roger Keffler Enning, South Dakota.

Lot 23 for $5,500, RLV John 23F, sold to Jason Odekoven, Nisland, South Dakota.

Lot 3 for $5,000, RLV Outlaw 3F, purchased by Morell Livestock, Union Center, South Dakota.

Lot 19 for $4,750, RLV Redone 19F, purchased by Ruth Pealtier, Recluse, Wyoming.

Lot 52 for $4,750, RLV Boots 52F, sold to David Storm Meadow, South Dakota.