Roster Charolais Bull Sale

Hunter Gregerson,I sabelle Biggs and Julie Winger enjoying the sale. Hunter purchased a bull at the Roster Charolais Sale.

TSLN Reps: Dennis Ginkens, Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: April 6, 2018

Location: at the Roster Feedlot, Spencer,SD

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


94 Bulls at $3,572

Lot 8 at $6,750 MR SANFORD 7024 DOB 2-6-2017, WCR SAFORD 434 X MR MISS IRIS 5008 sold to Julie Greenway, MT Vernon, SD.

Lot 1 at $6,500 Mr Sanford 7027 DOB 2-9-2017, Mr Sanford 434 x Ms Warrior 0219 sold to Steve Van Gorp, Stickney, SD.

Lot 2 at $6,500 MR HELIOS 4071 Dob 2-15-2017, Mr Helios 1118 x Mr Ms Pro assert 1101 sold to S & S Cattle Company, Herrick,SD.

Lot 35 at $6,250 MR STATESMAN 7221 Dob 3-25-2017 EC Statesmann 5043 x Mr Ms Edge 2053 sold to Jones and Klump family Farms, Mt Vernon, SD.