Ruggles Angus Bull Sale |

Ruggles Angus Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Jake St .Amant

Date of Sale: Jan. 28, 2022

Location: McCook, NE

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins


121 Total Registered Bulls – $6,074

22 Open Registered Females – $3,065

143 Total Lots – $5,611

Sale day at Ruggles Angus in McCook, NE, started out with a great morning for a sale. The crowd was very interested – with bull and heifer buyers. The Ruggles family put together a great set of bulls and deep quailty offering of females.

Top Bulls:

Lot 1 Ruggles Stellar 1843 sold for $15,000 to Krab Inc.-Paxton, NE.

Lot 3 Ruggles Stellar 1848 sold for $14,000 to Krab Inc.

Lot 15 Ruggles Stellar 1990 sold for $14,000.00 to Ron Struempler- Oconto, NE.

Lot 35 Ruggles Charisma 1909 sold for $11,500 to Matt Starostka – Chappell, NE.

Lot 37 Ruggles Charisma 1985 sold for $11,000 to Jim Lee Ranch – Valentine, NE.

Lot 58 Ruggles Ashland 1919 sold for $11,000 to Wade Edis – Mullen, NE.

Lot 59 Ruggles Ashland 2065 sold for $11,000 to Gerald Krueger – Trumbull, NE.

Lot 75 Ruggles Dry Valley 2048 sold for $11,000 to Apache Ranch – Hyannis, NE.

Lot 96 Ruggles President 2012 sold for $11,000 to Tyler Ruf – Cambridge, NE.

Lot 127 Ruggles Legend 1741 sold for $11,000 to Doug Snyder – McCook, NE.

Lot 81 Ruggles Dry Valley 2022 sold for $10,500 to Matt Cox – Wauneta, NE.

Lot 128 Ruggles McCook 1742 sold for $10,000 to Ron Struempler – Oconto, Ne.

Lot 2 Ruggles Stellar 1821 sold for $10,000 to Heath Ruf – Cambridge, NE.

Top Open Heifer:

Lot 142 Ruggles Bemindful Maid 1959 sold for $5,250 to David Collins – Winona, KS.

Jeff Ruggles speaking as the sale starts .
The Ruggles family had a heifer credit drawing for the kids before the the start of the heifer sale .
Kelcy Ruggles visiting and answering questions on sale morning.

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