Sale Report: Hilltop Angus Farm |

Sale Report: Hilltop Angus Farm

TSLN Rep: Chris Effling

Date of Sale: 02/20/2019

Location: at the ranch, Bowdle,SD

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


64 Angus Bulls – $4516

31 Angus Heifers – $1484

Sale Highlights

Lot 1 at 30,000 Hilltops Superior A18 Dob 2-24-2018

Reg 19299173 Hilltops Charged UP 44T v Hilltops Lady Worth 3J0 Sold to Pine Coulee Angus Absarokee, Mt and Northway Cattle , AB.

Lot 41 at $15,000 Hilltops Charged UP A98 Dob 3-5-2018

Reg 19297615 Hilltops Gharged UP44T x Hilltop Lady Kaboom 18B sold to Edgar Brothers Rockham, SD.

Lot 19 at $7000 Hilltops Compass 19A Dob 1-25-2018

Reg 19299053 Baldridge Compass C041 x Hilltops Miss Tour 4 Duty 4T0 sold to Ernie Weisback Herried, SD.

Lot 57 at $6750 Hilltop President 54A Dob 2-28-2018

Reg 19307577 SAV President 6874 x Hilltops Lady Product 2K, sold to Matt Grisman, SD.

Lot 61 at $6500 Hilltops Enterprise 2A3 Dob 3-8-2018

Reg 19299132 L T Enterprise 5213 x Hilltops Miss Upward B42, sold to Alber Farms.