Sale Report: Lehrkamp Livestock 47th Annual Production Sale |

Sale Report: Lehrkamp Livestock 47th Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: 03/24/2020

Location: Sale held at the ranch, near Caputa, SD

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle

There was a nice crowd spread throughout the sale barn at the Lehrkamp ranch for their 47th Annual Lehrkamp Ranch Production Sale. The bulls have really improved over the past several years and the results were evident on sale day as shown by the bidding action of the buyers on hand. The small number of registered heifers were really in demand.

Top selling bull on the day was lot 1, LL Pathfinder 8152, 9/18 son of Buford Pathfinder C304 x Buford Onward X68, epds CED 11 BW -1.2 WW 59 YW 96 Milk 33 to Ty Lorenz, Sturgis, SD for $6,000.

Lot 35, LL Wilson 974, 2/19 son of Deep Creek Wilson 201 x Bovagene Sprint of LCR, epds CED 2 BW 2.5 WW 63 YW 104 Milk 25 to Jordon Kjerstad, Wall, SD for $5,500.

Lot 4, LL Next Generation 8168, 9/18 son of LL Next Generation 630 x SD Vance 2232, epds CED 7 BW 1.7 WW 52 YW 92 Milk 23 to Byron Denke, Quinn, SD for $5,250.

Lot 2, LL Next Generation 8165, 9/18 son of LL Next Generation 630 x D 028 Captitalist A368, epds CED 7 BW 1.6 WW 53 YW 97 Milk 22 to Justin Wheeler, Philip, SD for $5,000.

Lot 32, LL EZ Money 937, 2/19 son of FF EZ Money D217 x JF Shoshone W42, epds CED 13 BW -1.6 WW 47 YW 88 Milk 24 to Tom Grimes, Kadoka, SD for $5,000.

The top selling heifer on the day was lot 47, LL Princess Reckon 936, a 2/19 daughter of Deep Creek Reckon 712 x DB Pendleton 021, epds CED 12 BW -0.7 WW 48 YW 80 Milk 27 to Baxter Boldon, Buffalo Gap, SD for $3,740.

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