Sale Report: Sinclair Cattle Company |

Sale Report: Sinclair Cattle Company

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: 03/28/2020

Location: Buffalo, Livestock Auction, Buffalo,WY

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


117 Bulls averaged $4118

35 Registered Heifers averaged $1901

79 Commercial Heifers averaged $ 1075

Sale Highlights

Lot 9 at $20,000 Sinclair X Plus 9XX3 Dob 2-14-2019 Reg 19475187, Sinclair Emulation XXP

sold to Sam Risse , SD

Lot 32 at $17,000 Sinclair Executive 9UF3 Dob 3-12-201

Reg 19472545, Sinclair Black Iron 7UR26

sold to Don Abarr, MN

Lot 24 at $14,500 Sinclair Black Iron 9UR5 Dob 2-14-2019

Reg 19475080, Sinclair Exactly 502 2N1

sold to Leadore Angus , ID

Lot 95 at $10,000 Sinclair Dynasty 9WC7 Dob 3-16-2019

Reg 19479395, Sinclair Dynasty 7WC17

sold to Nick Ellsworth, ID

Lot 82 at $9,500 Sinclair Piney Creek 9FV14 Dob 3-27-2019

Reg 19475212 Sinclair X Charge sold to Sam Risse,SD

Top selling Female

Lot 126 at $3,100 Sinclair Blkcap 9L14 8A7 Dob 2-22-2019

Reg 19475254, sold to George Gersema. ID

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