Sandhill Red Angus Annual Bull and Female Sale |

Sandhill Red Angus Annual Bull and Female Sale

There was a good crowd despite the poor weather conditions.

Date: February 24, 2015

Location: Sidney Livestock Auction, Sidney, MT

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

Reported by: Rowdy Benson


51 Red Angus yearling bulls $3,956

205 commercial Red Angus replacement heifers: $1,782

141 commercial bred heifers: $2,621

It was a cold and chilly day at Sidney Livestock Auction in Sidney, Montana, at the first Annual Sandhill Red Angus Bull and Female Sale. Andrew and Mckenzie Johnson have been selling bulls private treaty for some years now and decided to open them up to public auction. The bulls and females come out of a program that focuses on efficiency, disposition and mothering ability. The cattle offered were very well mannered and had a smooth look to go along with the disposition. Andrew and Mckenzie decided to open up their herd to the public also by selling one choice from any of their registered open replacement heifers and one choice from any registered bred heifer which they have at home. Crump Red Angus of Gillette, Wyoming won both choices with high bid on the bred registered heifer at $8,000 and $5,500 on the registered open replacement heifer. Here is how the top end bulls shook out:

Lot 4 topped the sale early on at $10,500 heading to Opheim, Montana. Purchased by Buster Stuber, this Leland Red Direction 8348U son posted EPDs of BW -1.8, WW 60, YW 98, and Milk 22. His name is SRJJ Direction 4043 born March 5, 2014, weighing 84 pounds and weaning off at 742 pounds.

Lot 22, sold for $7,000 midway through the sale to Steve Ott of Reid Point, Montana. SRJJ Ice Man 4047 is a Leland Cool Y109 son and was the standout heifer bull with his own birthweight on March 6, 2014, of 64 pounds and weaning at a booming 744 pounds. His EPDs include BW -3.9, WW 66, YW 105, and Milk 26.

Lot 13, SRJJ Direct 4039, sold for $6,250 to Kasey Fladeland of Stanley, N.D. Another 8348U son with heifer bull potential EPDs of BW -2.2, WW 52, YW 86, and Milk 24. He was born March 4, 2014, weighing 79 pounds and weaned off at 651 pounds.

For $6,000 Kasey Fladeland of Stanley, N.D., purchased lot 12, SRJJ Brandy 4088. This Red Brand X05 son had EPDs of BW 1.6, WW 55, YW 82, and Milk 26. He was born March 25, 2014, weighing in at 91 pounds and weaning off at 717 pounds.

Tying it up at $6,000 was Lot 8, SRJJ Direction 4074, purchased by Roy Runnion of Big Sandy, Montana. This big rugged bull was born March 19, 2014, weighing 85 pounds and weaned at 695 pounds with EPDs of BW -0.8, WW 58, YW 98, and Milk 22.