Sandhill Red Angus Annual Production Sale |

Sandhill Red Angus Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: March 1, 2022

Location: Sidney Livestock Market Center-Sidney, Montana

Auctioneer: Ty Thompson


52 Bulls – $3,827

Andrew and McKenzie Johnson hosted the 8th Annual Sandhill Red Angus Annual Production Sale March 1, 2022, at Sidney Livestock Market Center-Sidney, Montana. Sandhill Red Angus has a reputation for building their bulls by starting with the females, they demand their cattle to be productive and functional and back their product with great customer service.

Lot 3 at $8,250, SRJJ JUSTIFIED 1007, DOB 2/16/21, 5L LEADING EDGE 1583417C x WFL MERLIN 018A, Sold to McCann Red Angus, Lewiston, Idaho.

Lot 4 at $6,000, SRJJ FORTUNATES SON 1151, DOB 4/4/21, RED U2 FORTUNATE SON 382F x PIE CODE RED 199, Sold to Jim Funiman, Leiter, Wyoming.

Lot 26 at $5,500, SRJJ BLUE COLLAR 1162, DOB 3/27/22, RED U2 BLUE COLLAR 295E x CRUMP PACESETTER 491, Sold to Tom Laible, Merna, Nebraska.

Lot 2 at $5,000, SRJJ LEADING EDGE 1012, DOB 2/21/21, 5L LEADING EDGE 15383-117C x SRJJ HARVESTOR 093, Sold to Mike German.

Lot 6 at $5,000, SRJJ FORTUNATE SON 1160, DOB 3/21/21, RED U2 FORTUNATE SON 382F x SRJJ MTX CHEROKEE A011, Sold to Darren Hagen, Glendive, Montana.

Several buyers from the sale.
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