Sandmeier Charolais Bull Sale Report 2017 |

Sandmeier Charolais Bull Sale Report 2017

Kent and Sonia Aasby, Presho, South Dakota, with Cal Sandmeier (left). Aasbys bought Lot 6404 for $ 14,000.

Sale Summary

Date: March 3, 2017

Location: At the ranch west of Bowdle, SD

Auctioneers: Lynn Weishaar & Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek & Chris Effling


32 Fall Charolais Bulls ave. $5,344

73 Yearling Charolais Bulls ave. $4,791

80 Two-year-old Charolais Bulls ave $3,775

185 Total Bulls ave. $4,447

Sandmeier Charolais, owned by Gary, Calvin, and Mathew Sandmeier, hosted a big crowd of commercial cattlemen for their annual bull sale, held at their ranch west of Bowdle, South Dakota. Sandmeiers offered a large selection of big, stout, virgin two-year-old bulls, as well as an outstanding set of fall and yearling bulls.

The quality on this year’s sale ran very deep, with outstanding bulls in every pen. These bulls have a lot of natural muscle, outstanding hair, and looked like they were very sound. Sandmeier Charolais is a good source for hybrid vigor which is evidenced by feed efficiency, tenderness, genetic quality, and profit.

Many repeat buyers were on hand to compete for the top end of these bulls. Many of the buyers were large operations who bought in volume, as every bull that was offered found a new home.

This family also buys and feeds a lot of the customers’ calves, so it’s good to know that they are in your corner on sale day.

Top selling bull of the day honors were shared by two bulls. Lot 5541 sold to Dennis Hulm of Meadow, South Dakota, and Lot 5506 went to Mike Peterson from Cresbard, South Dakota. Each of these fall-born bulls brought $14,500.

Lot 5541 was sired by Ike All State 3159 and was out of a daughter of Keys Tenacious 222U. Born at 93 pounds, he weaned at 746 pounds, and grew to a yearling weight of 1420 pounds. His EPDs were BW 1.8, WW 39, YW 83, MILK 4, TM 23, Terminal Sire Index (TSI) of 227. He had a 17.9 square inch rib eye.

Lot 5506 had an 83 pound birth weight, a weaning weight of 793 pounds, and a yearling weight of 1375 pounds. His rib eye was 16.4 square inches, with EPDs of BW 0.9, WW 47, YW 73, MILK 5, and TSI 211. Mike Peterson comes almost every year to purchase these stout Charolais bulls.

In the yearling division, Lot 6404 sold for $14,000 to longtime repeat buyer, Kent Aasby of Presho, South Dakota. He was a son of LT Ledger 4606P, and out of a daughter of One Penny Blanco Flash 6424. He entered the world at 92 pounds, weaned at 847 pounds, and reached a yearling weight of 1313 pounds. He had EPDs of BW 2, WW 49, YW 100, MILK 5, TM 30, and a Terminal Sire Index of 247.

Other high sellers:

Fall Bulls

Lot 5563: Sired by SCR Sir Rock 5132, to Mike Peterson, Cresbard, South Dakota, at $12,500.

Lot 5512: Sired by SCR Sir Long Shot 2158P, to Steve Thomas, Presho, South Dakota, at $11,500.

Yearling Bulls

Lot 6232: Sired by LT JJ Ledger 4606P, to Eagle Nest Ranch, Lodgepole, South Dakota, at $13,000.

Lot 6103: Sired by KC Dakota Bob 4235P, to Henderson Ranch, Lodgepole, South Dakota, at $12,000.

Lot 6087: Sired by LT JJ Ledger 4606P, to Henderson Ranch, Lodgepole, South Dakota, at $11,000.

Two-year-old Bulls

Lot 5365: Sired by DCR Mr Buckle Assert Y222, to Gary Hoffman, Lehr, North Dakota, at $8,000.

This was a very good sale for this longtime Charolais family. They also presented some of the very best sandwiches of the spring.

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