Schauer Angus 25th Annual Bull Sale |

Schauer Angus 25th Annual Bull Sale

Bryant Schauer with Shawn Weishaar, Lemmon, S.D.


1. Mark Dillon and Marcia Lermeny, Reva, South Dakota, bought two bulls, and sold feeder cattle at the Faith sale.

2. Bryant Schauer with Shawn Weishaar, Lemmon, South Dakota

Schauer Angus 25th Annual Bull Sale

– Sale Summary –

Date: Mar. 9, 2015

Location: Faith Livestock Commission Co.

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek

Averages: 58 Angus Bulls – $8138

Schauer Angus, owned by Doug and Bryant Schauer and their families, hosted a big crowd for their annual bull sale at Faith Livestock. These two brothers have worked hard to build this good herd, and to develop this strong commercial trade.

The Schauer program is centered around the female. Their cattle are bred to be very maternal, with a lot of performance in the background. They breed to the best AI sires in the land to make the best replacement heifers possible for their herd.

Beyond breeding better cattle, customer satisfaction is their No. 1 priority. All you have to do is listen to a few of their good repeat buyers to see why they keep coming back.

They choose their sires very carefully, and they had their feature herd sire, “Cisco Kid,”on display at the sale. The sale moved along at a good pace, with very strong demand all the way through.

The top selling bull of the day was Lot 1, selling to repeat buyer, Denny Topf, Charter Oak, Iowa. This son of Whitestone Cisco Kid Z120 was out of a daughter of Leachman New Design 878-4570 who has a birth weight ratio of 98 and a weaning weight ratio of 110 on three calves. Born at 86 pounds, he weaned at 826 pounds, and tipped the scales for a present day weight of 1,305 pounds. This good bull sold for $13,500.

Lot 10 also sold to Denny Topf. At $12,500, this bull was a son of SAV Resource 1441 and out of a daughter of TC Grid Topper 355. He hit the ground at 90 pounds, and weaned at 735 pounds for a weaning weight ratio of 110. His EPDs included BW 3.5, WW 68, YW 115, and MILK 24.

Repeat buyer, Jerry Bush, Onida, South Dakota, bought the top two-year-old bull in Lot 47 at $11,500. This was a big, powerful bull, weighing in at 2130 pounds. He was sired by Sitz Final Statement 618X and out of a daughter of LT Timberwolf 5014. With a birth weight of 98 pounds, he weaned at 710 pounds. His EPDs were BW 3.9, WW 56, YW 95, and MILK 23.

Buffy and Kevin Groves, Faith, South Dakota, chose Lot 19 at $11,000. Here was a son of SAV Resource 1441 who was out of a daughter of BC Eagle Eye 110-7. He had an 89 pound birth weight and a weaning weight of 707 pounds to ratio 106. His EPDs were BW 3.8, WW 68, YW 117, and MILK 26.

Lot 48 was a good purchase for Dick Schrempp, Eagle Butte, South Dakota This was another big, stout two-year-old bull that weighed in at 1850 pounds. He was by Sitz Final Statement and out of a daughter of Schauer Right Time 555. His purchase price was $11,000.

Ron Linn, Dupree, South Dakota, selected Lot 56, after winning the bid at $11,000. Another two-year-old, he was sired by VDAR Really Windy 4097 and out of a daughter of Mytty In Focus. Only 74 pounds at birth, he weaned at 658 pounds, and posted EPDs of BW -1.1, WW 54, YW 87, and MILK 15.

This was the best sale ever for these two brothers.