Schauer Angus 33rd Annual Bull Sale |

Schauer Angus 33rd Annual Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Dan Piroutek

Date:  Mar. 13, 2023

Location: Faith Livestock Auction

Auctioneer:  Seth Weishaar


61 Yearling and Two-Year-Old Angus Bulls – $6,319

            Bryant Schauer, along with his partner and brother, Doug Schauer and his wife, Amie, hosted a nice crowd for their annual bull sale. Their ranch is east of Faith, just off Hwy 212.  Schauers have developed their herd into one of the top Angus herds in western South Dakota.  They have an excellent following of customers—many of whom sell some of the top selling calves at Faith Livestock.

            This set of bulls had outstanding pedigrees. Their focus has been and continues to be on the mama cow, calving ease, and functional cattle with longevity and soundness. Customer satisfaction is very important. All you have to do is listen to a few of their repeat buyers to see why they keep coming back.

            Top Selling Lots:

Lot 1: $16,5000 to Denny Topf, Charter Oak, Iowa – Crawford Guarantee 9137 x Connealy Consensus 7229.

Lot 21: $14,000 to Denny Topf, Charter Oak, Iowa – Musgrave 316 Exclusive x WAR Bullseye 817-317.

Lot 36: $11,000 to Bob Littau Angus, Carter, South Dakota – WCF Stunner 922 x Deer Valley Fox Trot 5327.

Lot 10: $10,000 to Irving Jordan family, Faith, South Dakota – Wilks Regiment 9035 x Classic Cowboy Up 726.

Lot 23: $9,000 to Lauren Ganje, Eagle Butte, South Dakota – Musgrave 316 Exclusive x Basin Excitement.

Lot 55, a two-yr-old: $7,500 to Norman Miles, Meadow, South Dakota – SAV Bloodline 9578 x SAV Priority 7283.

Brett Jordan, Irving Jordan, and Kent Jordan, Faith, South Dakota, continue to use Schauer genetics to build their cow herd.
Arlene and Jake Schauer, Faith, South Dakota