Schiefelbein Farm Production Sale

Ray Gilbert, Buffalo, S.D.

Date: February 21, 2015

Location: Kimball, Minnesota

Auctioneers: Lynn Weishaar and Ty Thompson


332 Bulls – $9,328

61 Females – $5,426

Schiefelbein Farms held their annual sale on a cold, windy day at the farm near Kimball, Minnesota. This noted seedstock family once again produced an outstanding set of high quality bulls and females. The quality and depth of this offering continues to get better with each year as they continue to use every tool available to insure progress. Many full brothers as well as large groups of half-brothers are offered to help their customers put consistency into their breeding programs.

Top bull of the day was lot 106 Schiefelbein Density 514. He was a son on Plattemere Weigh Up K360 and out of Frosty Elba 5152 a daughter of Schiefelbein Objective 337. He posted these EPDs- CED +10

BW +.01, WW +74, Milk +28, YW +127, $B115.31. He sold for $77,500 to Genex Cooperative, Shawano, Wisconsin, Hilltop Angus Denton, Montana, Seed stock Plus Catherine, Missouri, and Kasper Cattle Co. Wilson, Kansas.

Lot 1 Schiefelbein 50K sold for $39,000 going to longtime customer Kevin Klecker, Klecker Angus Ranch, Eagle Butte, S.D. This son of Connealy Earnan 076E was out of Frosty Objective 200 an own daughter of SS Objective T510 0T26. His EPDs were BW +0.7; WW +78; milk +26; YW +128 and a $B of +111.

The third high selling bull was lot 67 Schiefelbein Beast Mode 1464. He is a son of Schiefelbein Effective 61 and out of a TC Aberdeen 759 daughter, Frosty Aberdeen 61. This stout made bull had an adj. WW of 834 lbs. and posted EPDs of BW +1.7; WW +65; milk +31; YW +106. He was purchased by Robert Deucheneaux Mobridge, S.D., for $36,000.

Keckler Ranch made lot 2 the next high seller when they bid $25,000 to own Schiefelbein Top 40 5144. This bull like the lot 1 bull they purchased was a son of Conneally Earnan 076E out of Frosty In Focus 2278 a daughter of Mitty In Focus. His EPDs were BW +1.1, WW+72, milk +24, YW +124, $B 121.48.

S & J Feeders Correll., Minnesota, purchased lot 271 Schiefelbein Snapchat 1094 a son of PA Power Tool 9108 out of a daughter of TC Aberdeen 759 for $19,500. He was a deep ribbed easy fleshing bull that posted EPDs of BW +1.1, WW +65, Milk +40, YW +114 and $B of 108.36

Selling for $19,000 was lot 183 Schiefelbein Ten 924, a son of AAR Ten X 7008 SA out of a Frosty Matrix 5511 a daughter of Schiefelbein Matrix 249. His EPDs were BW +1.8, WW +65, Milk +24, YW +114 and $B 120.66. He sold to Schmidt Ranch Driscoll, N.D.

Topping the female portion of the sale was the only mature cow offered. She was lot 333 Frosty Elba Lizzy 1106 a March 3, 2006, daughter of CA Future Direction 5321 and out of the Pathfinder dam Frosty Focus 953 an own daughter of SAF Focus of ER. This great donor female sold open and ready to flush. Polzin Cattle Darwin, Minnesota, paid $19,000 to own her.

The second high selling female was lot 334 a Feb. 25, 2013, bred heifer that sold for $16,000 to Deer Valley Farm, Fayetteville, Tennessee. She was confirmed AI bred to Schiefelbein Prophet 3534 for a April 1, 2015 calf. This future donor prospect posed these impressive numbers CED +13, BW -0.4, WW +60, Milk +30, YW +111 and a $ B of 113.04,

Selling for $14,500 and going to Joe Pankan Stacy, Minnesota, was Frosty Elba 1543 a daughter of SAV Final Answer 0035 out of a daughter of GAR Retail Product, with an EPD spread of +.9, for birth to +108 for YW. She was confirmed bred to AAR Ten X 7008 SA for an April 1st calf.

Many of the buyers were repeat customers of this program and with genetics like these offered this year it is no wonder why. It will be exciting to watch this program as it continues to grow and improve.