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Schmidt Cattle Company


TSLN Rep: Drew Feller


Date of Sale: March 31, 2021


Location: Rushville, NE

Auctioneer: Seth Weisharr


74 Yearling Charolais Bulls – $6,554


Top Sellers:

Lot 19H at $25,000 was SCC Tioga 19H PLD, DOB: 3/2/2020; SIRE: LT Tioga 4090 PLD; MGS: WC Net Return 5221 P. He sold to Doll Charolais, New Salem, ND.

Lot 17H at $18,000 was SCC Patriot 17H Pld, DOB: 3/22020; SIRE: LT patriot 4004 PLD; MGS: HCR Credit 416 PLD. He sold to Zeisler Charolais, Butte, NE.

Lot 44H at $15,000 was SCC Affinity 44H PLD, DOB: 3/6/2020; SIRE: LT Affinity 6221 PLD; MGS: TR PZC NC Crossfire 1793 ET. He sold to Denny Hulm, Meadow, SD.

Lot 64H at $11,000 was SCC Tioga 64H, DOB: 3/10/2020; SIRE: LT Tioga 4090 PLD; MGS: ZKCC Champ 611D. He sold to Eggleston Charolais, Wessington, SD.

Lot 73H at $9,500 was SCC Jesse James 73H, DOB: 3/11/2020; SIRE: EC Jesse James 237 PLD; MGS: RAILE J837 A005. He sold to Stout Charolais, Kadoka, SD.

Lot 79H at $9,500 was SCC Resource 79H, DOB: 3/12/2020; SIRE: WC Resurgence 6165 P ET; ; MGS: RAILE J837 A005. He sold to Mark Williams, Kadoka, SD.

Terry Raabe of Norfolk, NE and Adam Johnson of Cody, NE buying Charolais bulls at Schmidt Cattle Company.
Randy and Marj Schmidt with son Kyle and Claire Schmidt, and granddaughter Eloise.


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