Schott Limousin Ranch Bull Sale |

Schott Limousin Ranch Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: March 8, 2022

Location: Mobridge Livestock Auction, Mobridge, SD

Auctioneer: Sonny Booth


44 Yearling Limousin bulls – $3,600

15 Registered Open Limousin Heifers – $2,180

Schott Limousin held their annual bull sale at Mobridge Livestock Auction on Mar. 8. Jim Schott and son Jared brought a very nice set of yearling Limousin bulls to town for their annual sale. There was a very nice cross section of red and black genetics in the offering. Schott Limousin has several years of carcass data behind this herd showing a very impressive high percentage of Prime and Choice cattle that have been raised on this ranch.

Lot 7, CHTT Judge 6102J, 4/4/21, red, double polled, son of CHTT Emmy Award 9743E x CHTT Eye Opener 572E to Adam Davis, Page, ND for $7,000.

Lot 6, SCHT Jurassic 9196J, 4/15/21, black, double polled son of CHTT Eye Opener 5722E x RUNL Zanchero 384Z to Rendell Shira, Mount Vernon, OH for $6,000.

Lot 38, CHTT jake 9188J, 4/22/21, black, double polled son of Wulfs Garfield T937G x RUNL Amazon 382A to Casey Schaff, Flasher, ND for $5,100.

Lot 42, CHTT Joseph 5121J, 4/5/21, red, double polled son of Wulfs Gardian T937G x RUNL Amazon 382A to Jason Jochim, Selfridge, ND for $5,100.

Lot 11, CHTT Jeans 5104J, 4/10/21, red, polled son of SYES Backwoods 75B x Bar JZ Lawman 479X to Les Ryckman, Pollock, SD for $5,000.


Jason Jochim, Selfridge, ND got a couple top end Schott Limousin bulls.
Jim Schott, Kiley McKinna and Jared Schott at the Schott Limousin sale.
McLellen Ranch, Lantry, SD. Repeat Schott Limousin bull buyers.

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