Schott Limousin Ranch “Celebration” Bull Sale |

Schott Limousin Ranch “Celebration” Bull Sale


TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk


Date of Sale: March 9, 2021


Location: Mobridge Livestock Auction, Mobridge, SD

Auctioneer: Sonny Booth



41 Yearling Limousin bulls – $4,007


When Jim and Priscilla Schott held their dispersal sale in 2016, they held back the heifer calves, 1st calf heifers and 9 – 14 year old cows. Those females built up the nucleus of the present day cowherd at Schott Limousin. With the re-building of the herd, Jim offered a bulls private treaty for a few years, until this year, 2021, when he had enough numbers to host another public auction.

Jim developed these bulls with the rancher in mind. They were in great sale condition and not over done. Soundness and longevity along with excellent carcass traits and calving ease are the traits Schott Limousin bulls are bred and developed for.

Top selling bulls include lot 5, CHTT Handsome 1228H, black, polled, 5/20 son of CHTT Event Center 2717E x Bar JZ Lawman 479X to Lee Kindlespire, Forbes, ND for $6,250.

Lot 23, CHTT Home Made 1253H, red, 4/20 son of CHTT Equal Chance 9722E x SYES All Powerful 924A to Kennedy Ranch, Faith, SD for $5,100.

Lot 26, CHTT Handyman 1208H, black 5/20 son of CHTT Emmy Award 9743E x SYES Backwoods 75B to Adam Davis, Page, ND for $5,100.

Lot 1, CHTT Half Moon 1236H, red 4/20 son of WEBR Power Eye 783 x SCHT American Tuff 9319A to Jason Jochim, Selfridge, ND for $5,000.

Lot 11, CHTT Heaven Award 1220H, 4/20 red son of CHTT Event Center 2717E x ROMN Deadwood 147Z to Lee Kindlespire, Forbes, ND for $5,000.

Lot 28, CHTT Hudson 1215H, black 3/20 son of CHTT Fabulous 840F x HC Montana Justice 694 to Tonya Ness, Kennebec, SD for $5,000.

Dale and Kerry McLellen, Lantry, SD got a Schott Limousin bull.
David Heidenreich, Faulkton, SD. Schott Limousin bull buyer.
Cheyrl Marshall, Beulah, ND got a few Schott Limousin bulls.
Jim Schott at the Schott Limousin Bull Sale.





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