Sinclair Cattle Company Bull Sale |

Sinclair Cattle Company Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: March 23, 2019

Location: Buffalo Livestock, Buffalo, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


88 Angus Bulls – $3,466

Sale Highlights

Lot 1 at $12,500, Sinclair Sam 8XX11, DOB 2-13-2018, Reg 19364732, Sinclair Emulation x SCC Enchantress 3F2X412 , sold to Risse Half Box Ranch of Martin, South Dakota.

Lot 94 at $7,500 Sinclair Express 8v18, DOB 2-19-2018, Reg 19169710, N Bar Emulation Ext A1747 x Sinclair Delia 1X70404, sold to Loyning Angus of Frannie, Wyoming.

Lot 4 at $6,000 Sinclair Rollin Coal 8K17, DOB 1-29-2018, Reg 19275401, Sinclair Broker 3RC33 x Sinclair L BTY 6U88, sold to Joaquin Valdez of LaJara, Colorado.

Lot 2 at $5,750 Sinclair Exquisite 8X1, DOB 2-13-2018, Reg 19169715, N Bar Emulation EXT x Sinclair BTY 9P32V149, sold to Owl Creek Ranch of Lodge Grass, Montana.

Lot 12 at $5,750, Sinclair X-Plus 8XX4, DOB 1-19-2018, Reg 19369969, Sinclair Emulation XXP x Sinclair K BTY 9R106E118, sold to Chris Smith of Blain, Pennsylvania.