Sinclair Cattle Company Herd Builders Sale |

Sinclair Cattle Company Herd Builders Sale

Chuck Hubing and Bob and Ruth Fortune, U Lazy U Ranch Belvidere, South Dakota.

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: March 24, 2018

Location: Buffalo Livestock Buffalo,WY

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


102 Bulls averaged $5,501

13 Heifers averaged $2,846

2 Pairs averaged $12,500

Sale Highlights

Lot 1 at $27,000 SINCLAIR BLACK IRON 7URI7 Dob 2-14-2017 Reg 18834600 Sinclair Exactly 4U2 x Sinclair Primrose 2P12B1 sold to Jason Willis NJ

Lot 3 at $14,000 SINCLAIR SHADOW XXS 7SI Dob 2-11-2017 Reg 18835405 N Bar Shadow X4124 x N Bar Primrose Y3051 sold to Lee Van Dyke Manhattan, MT

Lot 2 at $11,000 SINCLAIR BLACK IRON 7URI2 Dob 2-18-2017 Reg 188345595 Sinclair Exactly 4U2 x Sinclair Ms Emulous OV5 sold to Gauggler Ranch Judith Gap, MT

Lot 4 at $10,000 SINCLAIR EXECUTIVE 7U43 Dob 2-15-2017 Reg 18829793 Sinclair Executive 9XV2 x Sinclair X bty 9P31V149 sold to Tringle S Ranch & Willow Creek Ranch Interior, SD

Lot 5 at $9500 SINCLAIR BLACK IRON 7URI3 Dob 2-18-2017 Reg 18834596 Sinclair Exactly 4U2 x Sinclair K Bty 15X168R24 sold to Reece Half Box Ranch Martin,SD

Top Selling Female

Lot 113 SINCLAIR ERISKAY 2XX77V74 Dob 2-18-2017 Reg 17197416 sold to Sissler Knoll Farms Charlestown,WV

Great day for the Sinclair Cattle Company Herd builders Sale, as they offered a great set of bulls and females that drew a big crowd to the seats at Buffalo Livestock.

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