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Sinclair Cattle Company Production Sale

The alleyways and pens were crowded as buyers were sifting through the Sinclair offering on a beautiful day in Wyoming.

March 28,2015

Buffalo Livestock Auction, Buffalo,Wyoming

Auctioneer: Mr. Roger Jacobs

102 Registered Yearling Angus Bulls Avg. $7,402.00

25 Registered Yearling Angus Heifers Avg. $6,410.00

50 Quality Commercial Heifers Avg. $1,850.00

127 Total reported lots Avg. $7,206.00

Sale Reported by: Andy Swenson

Sinclair Cattle Company’s 2015 sale offering expressed quality that only years and years of selection for practical and predictable genetics present. These bulls just keep getting better and better year after year through their program of line breeding and inheritable traits from the industry standouts like the Emulation, Rito, and Traveler lineages. In addition to the success with enhancing EPDs the bulls in the offering were also in optimum breeding condition expressing muscle and shape, as well as docility. These bulls passed a very rigorous evaluation processes for fertility, structural soundness and genetic merit-without exception. As indicated by Sinclair, the process continues right up until the time the bulls enter the sales ring.

This year Sinclair also offered an impressive set of registered and commercial heifers. These heifers offered producers an opportunity to incorporate some of the best Sinclair genetics into their herds and judging by the popularity of this females, buyers were appreciative of the opportunity. All of these heifers were out of productive dams that had to adhere to the same quality standards and evaluation process as the bulls do. Sinclair Cattle Company has always paid great attention to the quality and kind of cows in their herd, which is part of the reason their herd has stood the test of time.

It was a beautiful day in Buffalo, Wyoming, and there was a good crowd on hand and many registered to bid online and on the phone as many producers are amongst the middle of calving season. Herdsman Logan Baker gave a short introduction explaining that a remarkable 70% of the bulls in the offering have a birth weight EPD of .9 or lower and the cow bulls in the offering expressed strong profit enhancing traits that will sire a marketable set of calves. The phones were buzzing and the excitement was building for Mr. Roger Jacobs to get the sale started. Sinclair customers know they can purchase dependable, quality, proven bulls in volume from this offering.

Topping the sale with a $23,000 bid was lot 99, Sinclair Emulation 4FX1, a son of Sinclair Emulation 0F4 out of a dam by Sinclair N Bar Explosion TNT. Incidentally, this dam , who has a calving interval of 372 days, average weaning ratio of 108 on 9 and average yearling ratio of 107 on 8, also sired the 2014 high selling Sinclair bull. Lot 99 is a big powerful future herd sire that has it all- big top, deep ribbed, good footed and all in an extreme calving ease package. He posted EPD’s of CED +5, BW +.5, WW +36, YW +64, MILK +21. This bull is headed to the great state of South Dakota to go to work for Ma & Pa Angus out of Presho.

Lot 69 was a true representation of years and years of crossing Sinclair’s selection of superior genetics. Sinclair Executive 4U2’s lineage has a long history of excellence from both the Emulation EXT on the top side and Rito 707 on the bottom side. This bull is thick, deep, long and very correct in his make up and shape. Several long time customers were in the running to own this future herd sire maker, but Risse UV Ranch of Martin, South Dakota,had the final bid of $22,000.00. This February 2014 calf posted EPD’s of CED +5, BW +1.0, WW +42, YW +80, and MILK +13.

Lot 71 garnered attention for his solid growth data coupled with stellar carcass ultrasound data. Sinclair Promise 4RP15 is a strong topped, well balanced, very powerful son of Sinclair Rito Promise 0R12, a bull known to sire correct, quality cattle, out of a N Bar Explosion daughter. Sinclair noted that this cow has a calving interval of 373 and a wean ratio of 115. U Lazy U Ranch had there eyes on this bull from the beginning and their $19,000 bid ensured they weren’t going back to Belvidere, South Dakota, without him. EPD’s of BW+1.0, WW +46, YW +76, and MILK +23.

Lot 1 also sold to Risse UV Ranch of Martin, SD, for $16,000. This bull is a calving ease special that is backed by generations of performance from the combination of two of SInclair’s most popular and productive sires- Timeless and Emulation. Sinclair Sun Dial 4TL8 is sired by Sinclair Timeless 8BA4 and out of a great cow by Sinclair Emulation XXP, which goes back to N Bar Emulation EXT. With an actual BW of 71 pounds and a weaning ratio of 108 and a 115 yearling ratio, this bull calf came small and grew quickly. He posted EPD’s of CED +15, BW -2.2, WW +44, YW +89, and MILK +24.

Rounding out the top 5 for the day and garnering a $15,000 bid, and also making a new home in South Dakota, was lot 32, Sinclair Express 4VB22. U Lazy U Ranch of Belvidere put together quite the set of bulls at the Sinclair sale and should have an impressive calf crop next year. This bull in particular was probably one of the stoutest, longest bulls in the sale offering. Adding to his ideal phenotype, this bull boasted a weaning ratio of 115 and a yearling ratio of 114, along with an IMF ratio of 115 and a Ribeye ratio of 114, to complete the package. He posted EPD’s of BW +2.7, WW +55, YW +88, Milk +11.

Top Heifers:

Lot 111, Sinclair Lady Ida 4U1 6PV1, sold for $12,000 to Gertstell Farms of Keyser, WV. This classy, deep ribbed, feminine looking daughter of Sinclair Executive 9XV2, which is an grandson of the great female maker N Bar Emulation EXT, is out of a Sinclair Net Present Value daughter. This dam also produced Sinclair Rito 9R9, a herd sire for Gizmo Angus of Molino, FL, and has a calving interval of 370 days with a Average Weaning Ratio of 108. She posted EPD’s of CED +7, BW –.2, WW +47, YW +81, MILK +17.

Lot 114, Sinclair Lady 4R2 7X25, sold for $10,000 and was also purchased by Gertstell Farms of Keyser, WV. One of my favorites in the heifer offering, this heifer had the look, femininity and eye appeal of the ideal Angus cow. This daughter of Rito Revolve 0R5, is out of a N Bar Emulation EXT daughter. With that combination of genetics, you just know she is going to be a good one. Selecting was the easy part, deciding which great bull to breed her to is gonna be the hard part. Her actual BW was 76 pounds and Adj. Weaning weight was 722 with EPDs of BW +2.8, WW +40, YW +73, Milk +12.

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