SITZ Angus 19th Annual Spring Bull Sale |

SITZ Angus 19th Annual Spring Bull Sale


TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: March 10, 2021


Location: SITZ Angus Ranch-Dillon, Montana


Joe Goggins and Greg Goggins


280 Yearling Angus Bulls – $9,094

239 Commercial Heifer Calves – $1,353

It was a packed house for the 19th Annual SITZ Angus Spring Bull Sale held March 10, 2021 at the SITZ Angus Ranch outside of Dillon, Montana. With one of the most recognized names in the industry the Sitz family has a long history of raising cattle that offer balanced traits backed with generations of maternal strength and performance. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 35 at $90,000, SITZ ACCOMPLISHMENT 707H, DOB 1/25/20, #19677940, SITZ ACCOMPLISHMENT 720F x SITZ HENRIETTA PRIDE 198D, sold to Alta Genetics, Watertown, Wisconsin.

Lot 6 at $50,000, SITZ STELLAR 717H, DOB 1/24/20, #19677950, SITZ STELLAR 726D x SITZ ELLUNAS ELITE 139Z, Sold to Raven Angus Colome, South Dakota, Ellingson Angus, St. Anthony, North Dakota and Lott Farms, Carmen, Oklahoma.

Lot 118 at $45,000, SITZ VERDICT 744H, DOB 1/18/20, #19684244, LD CAPITALIST 316 x SITZ HENRIETTA PRIDE 226Y, Sold to KG Ranch, Three Forks, Montana.

Lot 36 at $40,000, SITZ ACCOMPLISHMENT 729H, DOB 1/22/20, #19677962, SITZ ACCOMPLISHMENT 720F x SITZ FOREVER LADY 12F, Sold to Spring Cove Ranch, Bliss, Idaho.

Lot 3 at $39,000, SITZ STELLAR 732H, DOB 1/22/20, #19689592, SITZ STELLAR 726D x SITZ LADY 357F, Sold to Vermilion Ranch, Billings, Montana.

Lot 8 at $30,000, SITZ STELLAR 700H, DOB 1/25/20, #19677934, SITZ STELLAR 726D x SITZ BLACKCAP 16C, Sold to Waibel Ranch, Powell, Butte, Oregon.

Lot 10 at $29,000, SITZ STELLAR 659H, DOB 1/29/20, #19677894, SITZ STELLAR 726D x SITZ ELSIEMERE 3173, Sold to Dan Ingalls, Casper, Wyoming.

Lot 28 at $27,500, SITZ JLS STELLAR 699H, DOB 1/25/20, #19677932, SITZ STELLAR 726D x SITZ JLS EVERELDAENTENSE 911, Sold to Leadore, Angus, Leadore, Idaho.

Customers inspecting the cattle prior to the sale.
The disposition on the cattle while walking through the pens was great.

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