Sitz Angus Fall Bull Sale |

Sitz Angus Fall Bull Sale

With a beautiful backdrop, the Sitz bulls were ready for sale.

Date: Dec. 7

Location: Harrison, MT

Auctioneers: Roger Jacobs, Joe Goggins

Reported by: Dixon Scott


414 2-year-old bulls   $7,074

328 Comm. bred heifers       2,437

175 Comm. bred cows          2,314

• Sitz Broken Bow 11076, 2/2/16 by KM Broken Bow 002; to Hilltop Angus, Denton, MT; and Genex Beef, Shawano, WI, $50,000. • Sitz Broken Bow 10336, 2/12/16 by KM Broken Bow 002; to R Math Farms, Whitewater, MT, $37,500. Sitz Lotto 9196, 2/21/16 by BSF Hot Lotto 1401; to JC Heiken & Sons Angus, Broadview, MT, $25,000. • Sitz Profile 1160, 1/29/16 by Mohnen Substantial 272; to Richard Angus Ranch, Belfield, ND, $25,000. • Sitz Epic 728D; 1/22/16 by 3F Epic 4631; to ABS Global, De Forest, WI, $24,000. • Sitz Broken Bow 11956; 1/24/16 by KM Broken Bow 002; to Willer Timber Ridge, Greencastle, IN; and Linemann Cattle Co., Princeton, NE, $20,000. F

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