SITZ Angus ‘The Maternal Prefix’ 20th Annual Spring Bull Sale |

SITZ Angus ‘The Maternal Prefix’ 20th Annual Spring Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: March 8, 2022

Location: SITZ Angus Ranch-Dillon, Montana

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins and Greg Goggins


249 Yearling Angus Bulls – $8,635

76 Two Year Old Bulls – $5,368

325 Total Bulls – $7,871

80 Commercial Yearling Heifers – $1,487

SITZ Angus ‘The Maternal Prefix’ hosted the 20th Annual Spring Bull Sale at the Dillon, Montana Ranch March 8th, 2022. Customers traveled from across the country and braved the bitter cold weather for the opportunity to purchase cattle from one of the most recognized names in the Angus breed. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 95 at $100,000, SITZ ESSENTIAL 731J, DOB 1/18/21, SITZ STELLAR 726D x Poss Achievement, Sold to Spring Cove Ranch-Bliss, Idaho.

Lot 129 at $92,000, SITZ ACCOMPLISHMENT 700J, DOB 1/22/21, SITZ ACCOMPLISHMENT 720F x MOHNEN SUBSTANTIAL 272, Sold to Andy Stellflug-Glenrock, Wyoming.

Lot 98 at $57,500, SITZ STELLAR 729J, DOB 1/18/21, SITZ STELLAR 726D x POSS ACHIEVEMENT, Sold to Kessler Angus-Milton-Freewater, Oregon & Birch Creek Angus-Ruby Valley, Nevada.

Lot 3 at $52,500, SITZ DIGNITY 599J, DOB 1/30/21, SITZ RESILIENT 10208 x SITZ INVASION 574D, Sold to JJ Angus-Connellsville, Pennsylvania.

Lot 1 at $49,000, SITZ IMPULSE 732J, DOB 1/18/21, SITZ RESILLIENT 10208 x WOODHILL BLUEPRINT, Sold to KG Ranch-Three Forks, Montana.

Lot 96 at $40,000, SITZ STELLAR 705J, DOB 1/22/21, SITZ STELLAR 726D x STIZ BLACKCAP 45D, Sold to Coyler Herefords & Angus-Brunear, Idaho.

Lot 5 at $32,500, SITZ RESILIENT 718J, DOB 1/20/21, SITZ RESILIENT 10208 x KOUPALS B&B TITAN 3013, Sold to Albrecht Ranch Angus-Wapunuk, Oklahoma & Penz Angus Ranch-Caddo, Oklahoma.

Lot 6 at $31,000, SITZ RESILIENT 558J, DOB 2/3/21, SITZ RESILIENT 10208 x SITZ GAME DAY 748a, Sold to Bruner Angus-Drake, North Dakota & Northway Cattle Company-Alberta, Canada.

Lot 39 at $25,000, SITZ JLS LOGO 725J, DOB 1/19/21, SITZ LOGO 8148 x TEHAMA TAHOE B767, Sold to Pilakowski Angus-Arthur, Nebraska.

Lot 73 at $23,000, SITZ THUNDERBALL 742J, DOB 1/13/21, SITZ THUNDERBALL 734E x CONNEALY FINAL PRODUCT, Sold to Skinner Ranch Seedstock-Hall, Montana.

Lot 35 at $21,000, SITZ ACCOMPLISHMENT 483J, DOB 2/19/21, SITZ ACCOMPLISHMENT 720F x CONNEALY CONQUEST, Sold to Hilltop Angus Ranch, Denton, Montana.

Repeat customer Karen Coffee -Miles City, Montana.
Eldon Krebs- Krebs Ranch, Gordon, Nebraska
Customer bought several older bulls

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