Sletten Angus 34th Annual Angus Sale |

Sletten Angus 34th Annual Angus Sale

Date: Feb. 14, 2022

Location: Faith Livestock Auction, Faith, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle, Meadow, South Dakota

Consultant: Glenn Davis

TSLN rep: Dan Piroutek


73 registered yearling Angus Bulls avg. $5,849

17 registered yearling Angus Heifers avg. $2,824

12 commercial Angus Heifers avg. $1,300, selling to Dan and Colleen Nelson, Meadow, South Dakota

John, Tami, and Jessica Sletten hosted a big crowd of cattlemen for their annual production sale held at Faith Livestock. Their ranch is south of Faith. This sale featured 25 sons of the carcass sire, GAR Home Town. Many repeat buyers were in attendance, as these cattle just keep improving. These stout bulls are genetically sound with balance and power.

Top Selling Angus Bulls:

Lot 4: $57,000 to Grimmius Cattle Co., Hartford, California – G A R Home Town x Basin Payweight 1682

Lot 39: $15,500 to Lutz Ranch, Faith, South Dakota – KR Incredible 9119 x Connealy Consensus 7229

Lot 34: $14,500 to Kari Ranch, Bison, South Dakota – KR Incredible 8205 x KG Alliance 1193

Lot 2: $12,500 to Mitchell Angus, Kadoka, South Dakota – G A R Home Town x Connealy Consensus 7229

Top Selling Angus Heifers:

Lot 82: $9,000 to Todd Wildholm, Elko, Indiana – G A R Home Town x Panther Cr Incredible 6704

Lot 83: $7,500 to Todd Wildholm, Elko, Indiana – G A R Home Town x SydGen Enhance

Mitzi and Chip Mitchell, Kadoka, South Dakota, purchased Lot 2 at $ 12,500.
Colleen and Dan Nelson, Meadow, South Dakota, are repeat customers of Sletten Angus.

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