Slovek Ranch Angus and Angus Plus Genetics Annual Bull Sale |

Slovek Ranch Angus and Angus Plus Genetics Annual Bull Sale

Date: Mar. 24, 2020

Location: Philip Livestock Auction, LLC

Auctioneer: Dace Harper

Reported by: Dan Piroutek


66 Bulls – $3,561

The Slovek Ranch is northwest of Philip, and owned by Bill and Pennie Slovek, and their son, Bo. They hosted a good crowd of neighbors, friends, and repeat buyers, who made for a very active sale from start to finish.

Bo Slovek sells registered Angus bulls, while Bill has SimAngus and Angus Plus bulls. These are high quality bulls with hybrid vigor due to the cross with Simmental cattle.

This year’s offerings were well-grown and very sound on their feet and legs. I thought that this was the most uniform set of bulls they’ve ever brought to town. They were quiet and easy to work with. The Sloveks feed many cattle, and pay attention to carcass quality.

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 44: $5,000 to TJ Livestock, Henry, South Dakota – (Angus Plus 2-yr-old) W003F, a May 10, 2018, son of U034D

Lot 41: $4,750 to Bonenberger Ranch, Kadoka, South Dakota – (Angus Plus 2-yr-old) S118F, a May 9, 2018, son of All In

Lot 21: $4,750 to D & R Soukup, Wagner, South Dakota – (Angus 2-yr-old) BS Fate F29, a May 15, 2018, son of SydGen FATE 2800 x Baldridge Waylon W34

Lot 36: $4,750 to Sandee Gittings, Philip, South Dakota – (Angus Plus 2-yr-old) W078F, an April 28, 2018, son of X235C

Lot 50: $4,750 to Sean Deal, Cherry Creek, South Dakota – (Angus Plus 2-yr-old) U870F, a May 2, 2018, son of Bronc

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