Smith Angus Production Sale |

Smith Angus Production Sale

Jacob Maurer of Bassett, Nebraska.

TSLN Rep: Chris Effling

Date of Sale: March 22, 2019

Location: at the ranch, Bassett, Nebraska

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


50 yearling Angus bulls – $4,105

21 fall Angus bulls – $3572


Sale Highlights

Lot 58 at $8,000, Smith Apollo K15, DOB 2-23-2018, Reg 19312314, Kramers Apollo x Smith Lady Bandy H2, sold to Babcok Angus of Long Pine,Nebraska.

Lot 3 at $6,500, Smith Cowboy Up K60, DOB 3-20-2018, HA Cowboy UP 5405 x Smith Emmy D17, sold to Twin Creek Ranch of Bassett, Nebraska.

Lot 16 at $6,500, Smiths Cowboy UP K181, DOB 3-15-2018,HA Cowboy UP 5405 x Smiths Emulous D210, sold to Dennis Mc Killip of Elgin, Nebraska.

Lot 37 at $6,500, Smith Whitlock K32, DOB 2-27-2018, S Whitlock 179 x Smith Blackbird H2, sold to Russ Hansen of Brester, Nebraska.

Fall Bulls

Lot 91 at $6,500, Smith Renown 60J, DOB 8-25-2017, SAV Renown 3439 x Smith Reica 51F, sold to Bob Davis of Bassett, Nebraska.

Lot 94 at $6,500, Smith Comm 5J, DOB 8-5-2017, EF Commando 1366 x Smithblackbird 58G, sold to Jay Stewart of Bassett, Nebraska.