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Smith’s Saddle Butte Ranch

TSLN Rep: Ross Glass

Date: February 19, 2022

Auctioneer: Scott Weishaar

Location: Bowman Auction Market, Bowman, North Dakota


32 – Bulls ………………….…$2,870


Lot 117$ 4,500Flying J Ranch – Ludlow, SD

Lot 145$ 4,500Scott Ouradnik – Amidon, ND

Lot 108$ 4,000Conrad Smith – Ludlow, SD

Lot 109$ 4,000Doug Hausman – Buffalo, SD


Scott Weishaar

The Smith’s Saddle Butte Ranch sure knew how to pick a nice day for their 8th Annual Bull Sale held at the Bowman Auction Market in Bowman, ND. Travis and Rebecca Smith and family again provided a delicious meal before their bull sale for all that were ringside on February 19, 2022.

The Flying J Ranch – Ludlow, SD purchased one of the top selling bulls, Lot 117, SSBR High Weigh 117 for $4,500. This powerful heifer bull is a son of E W A High Weigh 3123 was born February 26, 2021 with a low birth weight of 69 pounds and proudly posted a adj 205 weight of 692. His EPDs included BW -1.3 WW 84 YW 145 Milk 24. They were a repeat customer that purchased 6 SSBR bulls.

Lot 145, SSBR Southern Charm 145, also topped the sale for $4,500 and was purchased by Scott Ouradnik – Amidon, ND. This son of Southern Charm AA31 was born on February 13, 2021 and a modest birthweight of 83 pounds and showed a adj 205 weight of 686 and posted EPDS of BW 2 WW 76 YW 127 MILK 24.

Conrad Smith- Ludlow, SD was able to take home Lot 108 for $4,000, SSBR Stallion 108, a son of Exar Stallion 7986 a sleep all night heifer bull with a birth weight of 58 and a adj 205 weight of 697. This bull was born February 24, 2021 and posted EPDs of BW 0.1 WW 77 YW 142 MILK 17.

Another repeat customer, Doug Hausman – Buffalo, SD, was excited to take home another bull from the Smith Saddle Butte Ranch and it also was a great heifer bull, SSBR Stallion 109, a son of Exar Stallion 7986, which was Lot 109 for $4,000 and was born February 24, 2021 weighing in at 80 pounds and had a adj 205 weight of 701. His EPDs were BW 0.6 WW 84 YW 138 MILK 23.

Volume buyers for SSBR were Derek & Joyti Lermeny, Reva, SD buying 7 bulls from the Smith Saddle Butte Ranch.

Travis, Rebecca, Shay, Dane and Aspen Smith of Smith’s Saddle Butte Ranch – Buffalo, SD had a nice selection of ranch raised Angus Bulls.

Conrad Smith, Ludlow, SD, also took home a great SSBR bull.
Doug Hausman – Buffalo, SD purchased the 2nd highest selling bull. He is a repeat customer for SSBR.
Flying J Ranch- Ludlow, SD repeat customers of Smith Saddle Butte Ranch bull sale.
Scott Ouradnik – Amidon, ND purchased the top selling SSBR bull.


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