Sodak Angus Ranch 62nd Annual Production Sale |

Sodak Angus Ranch 62nd Annual Production Sale

Jennifer and Chris Veal and daughter Krisee

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Jan. 21, 2019

Location: at the ranch, Reva, SD

Auctioneer: LynnWeishaar


49 2-year-old Angus bulls – $5,388

27 2-year-old Red Angus bulls $4,130

The seats were full as the buyers traveled through some heavy fog to get to the Sodak Angus Ranch 62nd Annual Production Sale, to bid on some very nice bulls

Lot 9 at $7,500, Sodak Rocky E 341, Dob 8-16-2017, Reg 19174705, Med Rock Nino Weight 545 x Sodak Peggy CO21, sold to Gotfredson Ranch, Newell, South Dakota.

Lot 18 at $7,500, Sodak Lengendary E 414, Dob 10-22-2017, Reg 19174732, Sodak Lengendary C306 x Sodak Dianna Y716, sold to Wayne Nelson, Buffalo, South Dakota.

Lot 1 at $7,000, Sodak Top Hand E307, Dob 8-5-2017, Reg 19174682, Sodak Top Pick B323 x Sodak Shonda B010 sold to Fishhook Ranch, Prairie City, South Dakota.

Lot 7 at $7,000, Sodak Sign On E336, Dob 8-14-2017, Reg 19174701 CSG Sign On 83F x Sodak Eileen AO36, sold to Veal Black Angus of Bison, South Dakota.

Lot 11 at $7,000, Sodak Line B E303, Dob 8-1-2017

Reg 19174679 Sodak Line B B407 x Sodak Peggy BO84

sold to Tom Jordee Ekalaka,MT

Lot 16 at $7,000, Sodak Rocky E 319, Dob 8-10-2017, Reg 19174691, Med Rock Nino Weight 545 x Sodak Inspiration CO84, sold to Keith Gaaskjolen, Meadow, South Dakota.

Top selling Red Angus Bulls:

Lot 69 at $6,750, Sodak Final Answer E711, Dob 8-12-2017, Reg 3946031, Sodak Final Answer B573 x Sodak Emmy B228, sold to Don McKinstry, Bison, South Dakota.

Lot 66 at $6,500, Sodak Final Answer E 729, Dob 8-19-2017, Reg 3946033 Sodak final Answer B573 x Sodak Eva B243, sold to Larry Nelson Buffalo, South Dakota.

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