Soreide Charolais |

Soreide Charolais


TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Jan. 29, 2021

Location: at the Ranch, Bowman, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Scott Weishaar


61 Bulls – $3,380


The Soreide family and crew had a great sale. The Soreide breeding program was well received with several repeat buyers on the seats.

Lot 103 at $8,000, SCR SIR MAGUM 103 PLD, Dob 3-18-2021, Reg 944256 SCR Miss Superman 684, sold to Mitch Miller, Hettinger, North Dakota.

Lot 069 at $6,750, SCR SIR MCKINLEY 069 PLD, Dob 3-13-2021, Reg M944171 SCR SIR Miss Gemstone 7134 P, sold to Pinnow Ranch, Baker, Montana.

Lot 035 at $6,500 SCR SIR MCKINLEY 035 PLD Dob 3-6-2021, Reg M944159, SCR Miss Superman 622 P, sold to John Weaver, Hettinger, North Dakota.

Lot 071 at $6,250, SCR SIR REVOULATION 071P, Dob 3-14-2021, Reg M944172 SCR MISS SUPERMAN 751P, sold to Mitch Miller, Hettinger, North Dakota.


Alyssa and John Wegner, Bowman, North Dakota.
Tyson and Leigh Murphy, Circle, Montana.

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