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Spickler Ranch North – Annual Production Sale

A huge crowd showed serious interest in Spicklers' offering.

Date: Dec. 9, 2017

Location: Glenfield, North Dakota, at the ranch

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens


115 Coming two year old bulls – $6,302

48 Commercial bred Angus cows – $1,801

26 Bred commercial heifers – $1,858

This was a great day for the Justin and Sara Spickler family.

The sun was shining with a big crowd of buyers in the pens viewing a outstanding set of bulls. The seats were full with standing room only.

Top Selling Bulls

Lot 1 at $22,000 S IMPACT 6764 Reg 18553639 Dob 3-20-2016 Connealy Intrinsic x S Pride Anna 709 sold to Branch View Angus Hustonville, Kentucky.

Lot 53 at $15,000 S INTRINSIC 6660 Reg 18553578 Dob 3- 14-2016 Connealy Intrinsicx S Selena 201 sold to Dan Birkeland Sheyenne, North Dakota.

Lot 8 at $12,500 S INTRINSIC 6557 -Reg 18553515 Dob 3-2-2016 – Connealy Intrinsic x S Lass 4765 sold to Kuder Farms, Rogers, North Dakota.

Lot 22 at $12,000 S INTRINSIC Reg 18553627 Dob 3-19-2016 Connealy Intrinsic x S Marianna 2483 sold to Logan Behm, Beulah, North Dakota.

Lot 20 at $11, 500 S INTRINSIC 6822 Reg18553676 Dob 3-27-2016 Connealy Intrinsic x S Miss Emulous 5177 sold to Bill Smith Sheyanne.

Lot 28 at $11,500 S INTRINSIC 6533 Reg 18553500 Dob 3-28-2016 Connealy Intrinsic x S Pride Anna 4697 sold to Brett Zenker, Flasher, North Dakota.

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