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Spickler Ranch North Annual Production Sale

Mike Sailer of Golden Valley, ND purchased one of the really good bulls of the day.

Date: December 10, 2016

Location: at the Ranch near Glenfield, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs

TSLN Reps: Rowdy Benson and Scott Dirk


56 18-month-old Angus bulls – $5,450

75 Angus bred heifers – $1,699

30 Angus bred cows – $1,698

It was like driving in a winter wonderland on the way to the Spickler Ranch North for Justin and Sara’s Annual Production Sale. This Angus haven was surrounded by a sea of white and blanketed with bone chilling, below zero temperatures. But these guys are tougher than most because there was a good turn out of people in the stands. Neither wind nor snow could keep the folks from coming to get ahold of these aged bulls that were grown up and ready for work. The bulls had an attractive ruggedness to them that made the sale red-hot. It was an impressive set of well muscled, masculine, breeding bulls (kind of how I look now that I think about it). Either way here is the very top:

Lot 207, S Performer 5809, topped the sale at $15,000 heading to Tolna, N.D., with Danny Harding. This is a son of Sitz Performer 9029 that posted EPDs of BW 2.6, WW 63, YW 108, and Milk 33. He was born March 28, 2015 at 102 pounds and crushed the 205 weight at 846 pounds.

Kuder Farms of Rodgers, North Dakota won the bidding contest on Lot 212, S Anchor 5900 for $10,000. He was born April 21, 2015, at 85 pounds and was a whopping 858 pounds on his 205 day weight. He’s a son of S Anchor 2155 and scored EPDs of BW 2.7, WW 63, YW 106, and Milk 32.

Lot 215, S Revere 5958, was sold to Dan Birkland of Sheyenne, North Dakota for $9,500. He was born April 28, 2015 at 90 pounds and was 837 pounds on his 205 day weight. This Tehama Revere son scored good EPDs of BW 2.8, WW 65, YW 101, and Milk 21.

$9,000 was the winning bid by Mike Salier of Golden Valley, North Dakota for Lot 206, S Chisum 5916. He is a son of S Chisum 2139 that posted EPDs of BW 3.3, WW 62, YW 107, and Milk 28. He was born April 15, 2015 at 76 pounds and was 784 pounds on his 205 day weight.

Lot 209, S Fortunate 5871, was sold for $8,500 to Mark Nelson of Lancaster, Minnesota. He was born April 6, 2015 at 93 pounds and was 801 pounds on his 205 day weight. His sire is S Fortunate 245 and he scored EPDs of BW 3.0, WW 65, YW 102, and Milk 24.

Also selling for $8,500 was Lot 220, S Steamboat 5686, heading to New Salem, North Dakota with Chris Keller. S Steamboat 3110 is his sire and he was born March, 2015 weighing 82 pounds and was 737 pounds on his 205 day weight. His EPDs include BW 2.7, WW 60, YW 91, and Milk 31.