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Spickler Ranch South Annual Production Sale

Vern Frey, Janet and Curt Miller
Vern Frey, Janet and Curt Miller

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens, Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: May 7, 2018

Location: at the Ranch Glenfield, N.D.

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


112 Angus bulls – $5,714

20 Registered Heifers – $5,538

40 Commercial Heifers – $2,156

Sale Highlights

Sale day at Spickler Ranch South brought together a big crowd of repeat buyers from all around the country to view a great set of Angus Bulls offered for sale today!

Lot 1 at $25,000 S S FOUNDATION 7179 Dob 3-18-2017 Reg 18909435 S Foundation 514 x S Elban 3170, sold to R, Math Farms Whitewater, Montana.

Lot 2 at $19,500 S INTRINSIC 7186 Dob 3-18-2017 Reg18911075 Connealy Intrinsic x S Queen Essa 308, sold to Emily Creek Ranch Mark & Deb Boraas, Appleton, Minnesota.

Lot9 at $16,500 S POWEROINT 758 Dob 3-3-2017 Reg 18911101 S Powerpoint WS 5503 x S Erica 5106, sold to Kurt Timm, Kensal, N.D.

Lot 7 at $16,000 S FOUNDATION 722 Dob 3-24-2017 Reg 18909418 S Foundation 514 x S Queen Essa 5205, sold to Benoit Angus Ranch Esbon, Kansas.

Lot 8 at $15,500 S UNANIMOUS 708 Dob 2-10-2017 Reg 18909495 Vision Unanimous 1418 x S Gloria 0406, sold to Blaine Mollman, McIntosh, South Dakota.

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