Stevenson Angus Annual Spring Bull Sale |

Stevenson Angus Annual Spring Bull Sale

Briggs Ranch, Garneill, Montana purchased several Stevenson Angus bulls.

Mar. 18, 2015

At the ranch, Hobson, MT

Auctioneers, Roger Jacobs and Joe Goggins

TSLN Rep., Scott Dirk

247 Yearling Angus bulls avg. $5,584

The crew at Stevenson Angus were treated to a very nice sunny day for their annual spring bull sale. The area had got a bit of rain the day and evening before the sale, putting the crowd on hand in a good mood to buy bulls.

The bulls in the sale were in great condition, they had not been overly fed and really showed their natural fleshing ability. This was a thick, meaty set of bulls with plenty of power and calving ease bred in. There were several large sire groups that allowed buyers to purchased many half brothers, ensuring a more even set of feeder cattle.

Topping the sale was lot 10, Stevenson Rebel 41115, a Jan. 21, 2014 son of HF Rebel 53Y and out of a Final Product dam. This bull had a 116 weaning ratio, 115 yearling ratio and 365 day wt. of 1278 lb., epds of CED 1 BW 2.4 WW 69 Milk 30 YW 111 and $B of 103.54. Sunny Okanogan Angus, Omak, WA was the buyer at $15,000.

Selling at $13,000 was lot 1 to long time repeat buyer Dry Fork Livestock, Edgerton, WY. Stevenson In Focus 41013 is a Jan. 6, 2014 son of Cudlobe In Focus 5S htat posted a 122 weaning ratio, 120 yearling ratio and 113 IMF. He has epds of CED 7 BW 1.3 WW 66 Milk 27 YW 116 $B 117.12.

Lot 6, Stevenson Top Game 41009, a Jan. 6, 2014 son of Sitx Top Game 561X with epds of CED 3 BW 2.4 WW 63 Milk 36 YW 115 $B 129.31 sold to Gittleson Angus, Steamboat Springs, CO for $12,000.

Dry Fork Livestock struck again at $11,500 on lot 20, Stevenson Hero 41008, a Jan. 5, 2014 son of Stevenson Hero I216U with epds of CED 3 BW 2.1 WW 60 Milk 31 YW 110 $B 120.40.

Lot 87, Stevenson Rebel 41564, a Mar. 3, 2014 son of HF Rebel 53Y sold to CA Ranch, Three Forks, MT for $10,000. This bull had epds of CED 8 BW 1.6 WW 54 Milk 26 YW 91.

The talk in the pens before and after the sale was how consistent and uniform the bulls were. Many of the buyers felt this was the best set of bulls ever offered by Stevenson Angus for their spring sale.

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