Stevenson Angus Ranch 55th Annual Fall Production Sale |

Stevenson Angus Ranch 55th Annual Fall Production Sale

Karen Wisseman, owner of Lickety Stitch Quilts in Lusk, Wyoming, and sister Jane Filener lay out approximately 200 bolts of fabric to dry after being soaked in flood waters than hit Lusk on June 4. They lost approximately a third of their inventory. Courtesy photo

Date: Dec. 1, 2015

Location: At the ranch, Hobson, Montana

Auctioneers: Roger Jacobs and Joe Goggins

TSLN Rep: Rowdy Benson


148 Bull Calves – $6,770

74 Two-Year-Old bulls – $6,824

186 Bred Commercial Heifers – $2,285

141 Bred Commercial Cows – $2,303

Well it was a beautiful day in Hobson, Montana, for the Stevenson Angus Ranch 55th Annual Fall Production Sale. There’s a lot of history on this ranch in the Angus breed that brings absolute confidence to anybody who came to buy bulls. Every bull supported the style with length, capacity, and muscle that attracted a lot of people. As expected the Stevenson’s were great, the food was delicious, and the auctioneers were snappy. Here is how the top end turned out:

Topping the sale was Lot 102, Stevenson Legend 50204, for $17,500. This Stevenson Legend 3181 son was sold to Lazy E Bar Ranching from Bashaw, Alberta, and posted EPDs of BW 1.5, WW 71, YW 109, and Milk 22. He was born Feb. 24, 2015 weighing 90 pounds and weaned off at a whopping 833 pounds.

Selling to Johnson Angus from Lyman, Wyoming, for $17,000 was Lot 113 Stevenson Weigh Up 50001. This Plattemere Weigh Up K360 son was born Jan. 18, 2015 weighing 96 pounds and weaned off at 837 pounds. He posted the EPDs include BW 1.9, WW 67, YW 120, and Milk 23.

Lot 1, Stevenson Rockmount 41086, sold to Uin-Mar Angus from Rushville, Nebraska, for $16,000. Born Jan. 17, 2014, this Stevenson Rockmount RX933 son posted EPDs of BW -0.5, WW 63, YW 108, and Milk 30.

Mark Witchman from Hobson, Montana, took home a good one in Lot 132, Stevenson Weigh Up 50370, for $15,000. Another K360 son born Feb. 1, 2015 that weighed 77 pounds and 746 pounds at weaning. His EPDs include BW 0.9, WW 62, YW 112, and Milk 22.

Lot 2, Stevenson Hero 41015, sold for $14,000 to Quaker Hill Farms of Louisa, Virginia. Here was a Stevenson Hero 1216U son born Jan. 6, 2015 that posted EPDs of BW 0.3, WW 71, YW 122, and Milk 30.