Strand Sim/Angus Annual Bull Sale |

Strand Sim/Angus Annual Bull Sale

Buyers looking over the bulls at Strand Sim/Angus Annual Bull Sale.

TSLN Reps: Matt Wznick, Chris Effling

Date of Sale: Jan. 21, 2019

Location: At the Ranch near Platte, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Justin Dikoff


53 bulls – $3,718

January 21, 2019, a cold, blustery, winter day, found a powerful set of bulls offered for sale by Strand Sim/Angus at the ranch near Platte, South Dakota. The buyers braved the weather to purchase bulls built to last, featuring genetics with maternal traits in mind, length and depth from a family operated program built around customer service. Congratulations on a successful sale!

Lot#26 at $7,750, 29 PACE, DOB 2/15/18, PACESETTER, sold to Logan Clemensen from Conde, South Dakota.

Lot #20 at $7,500, 40 PACE, DOB 2/19/18, PACESETTER, sold to Cody Geersen from Martin, South Dakota.

Lot #65 at $7,250, 32 PS, DOB 4/17/18, PACESETTER, sold to Rob Bosworth from Plankinton, South Dakota.

Lot #8 at $7,000, 18, DOB 2/22/18, TANK, sold to Logan Clemensen.

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