Strand Sim/Angus production sale |

Strand Sim/Angus production sale

Kelsey Pravacek, Rod Strand and Kelly Pravacek, Pravacek Farms, Winner, South Dakota.

Date: February 24, 2015

Location: at the farm north of Platte, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Col. Justin Dikoff

Reported by: Curt Littau


36 ylg bulls – $6,597

11 2-year olds – $6,150

For over 35 years and 3 generations, the Strands have been producing bulls with the commercial cattleman in mind, and on a 50 degree February afternoon they held their first ever production sale at their farm north of Platte, South Dakota. Cattlemen from California to Nebraska were on hand and on-line to bid on and buy some of these well-muscled, easy-fleshing, and rapid-growing bulls. The bulls had eye appeal as well as posting some eye-catching EPD’s.

The bulls were fed a ration of free choice hay, ground hay, and ground ear corn (with buckets) to produce longevity, soundness, and a gentle disposition. Their program is obviously working, as there were many repeat buyers on hand sale day.

Topping the sale was Lot 32B, a son of “LS 14,” posting a 5.4 pounds average daily gain and an actual January 1, 2015, weight of 1,415 pounds This bull was purchased by Ron Gilliland from Davis, California for $10,750. Mr. Gilliland also purchased Lot 32, a son of “Dew Point,” that posted an adjusted 205 day weight of 992, an REA of 21.22, and an IMF of 6.76. This calf came with a $10,000 price tag.

Other sale topping bulls included: Lot 14W, a son of “Wall Street,” that posted an adjusted 205 weight of 859 pounds and an actual September 5, 2015, weight of 778 pounds by Roger Foster of Valentine, Nebraska, for $9,500; Lot 58BA, with an adjusted 205 day weight of 892 pounds, bringing $9,250 and purchased by the Pravecek Ranch of Winner, South Dakota; and Lot 6B, another “LS 14” son with an adjusted 205 day weight of 911 pounds, purchased by Dale Stewart from Newport, Nebraska for $8,750.

Rounding out the top sellers were two bulls purchased by Greg Haukaas of Colome, South Dakota; Lot 30D, a son of “Dew Point” with an average 205 of 873 pounds, and another son of “LS 14,” Lot 13B, with an adjusted 205 day weight of 830 pounds Both of these bulls had an average daily gain of 4.6 pounds and brought $8,250 each.

The top ten selling bulls on this excellent offering averaged $8,825 with an average on the 47 yearling and two-year-old bulls at $6,492.