Strohschein Angus Annual Bull Sale |

Strohschein Angus Annual Bull Sale

Date: March, 19th, 2015

Location: Belle Fourche Livestock Auction, Belle Fourche, SD

Auctioneer: Doug Jaggers

By: Carissa Lee


Overall: $4,097

Yearlings: $4,092

18 Month Old Bulls: $4,167

Strohschein Angus, owned and operated by Mic and Anita Strohschein, held their annual bull sale at Belle Fourche Livestock this year. The warm, but windy conditions blew in an active and eager set of buyers to bid on the bulls this year. There were many repeat customers in the seats as well as new faces from Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota. The bulls this year, like always, were a nice set of calving ease herd bulls with great dispositions. They grew up really nice, with most of them being off first calf heifers, no thanks to the aftermath of the 2013 October storm, Atlas. I look forward to watching this program progress in the years to come!

There was a long list of top selling bulls in this even set of cattle.

Lot 4, 4 Stroh 2759, a March 29, 2014 son of MCC Daybreak 2411, was one of eight that topped the sale at $5,250 this year and went home with JD Greives from Upton, Wyoming. This low birth weight bull born at 72 pounds grew up quite nice and posted EPDs of CED+11, BW+.2, WW+51, YW+90, and Milk+22.

Lot 5, 14 Stroh 2411, a Feb. 10, 2014 son of MCC Daybreak 2411, got a final bid of $5,250 sale day going to Andy Moore, Douglas, WY. Another calving ease bull born at 74 pounds and weaned at almost 600 pounds posted EPDs of CED+10, BW+.5, WW+47, YW+83, and Milk+17.

Lot 10, 31 Stroh 2411, a Feb. 6, 2014 son of MCC Daybreak 2411 and Lot 25, a March 7, 2014 son of Raven Final Answer 2759 sold to Ross Delzer from Belle Fourche, South Dakota, for $5,250 on both head. These low birth, high gain bulls had EPDs of CED+9, BW+1.7, WW+47, YW+85, and Milk+19 and CED+13, BW-1.0, WW+49, YW+84, and Milk+25, respectively.

Lot 13, 8 Stroh 2411, a Feb. 4, 2014 son of the calving ease sire MCC Daybreak 2411, garnered bidding up to $5,250 with Will Lindsey and Family from Newell, South Dakota taking him home. He was born at 68 pounds and grew to almost 600 pounds by weaning. This quick gaining bull marked EPDs of CED+12, BW+.1, WW+51, YW+93, and Milk+21.

Lot 14, 420 Stroh 2411, another Feb. 4, 2014 son of MCC Daybreak, also dropped the gavel at $5,250 for a final bid going to WM Nicholas from Spearfish, South Dakota. This bull was born at 74 pounds and posted EPD’s of CED+9, BW+1.7, WW+50, YW+90, and Milk+22.

Lot 23, 266 Stroh 92, a 3/1/2014 son of Aka Day Time 92 of 162, ceased the bidding at $5,250 and went home to neighbors from Newell, South Dakota, the Smeenk Ranch, Jim and Jean Smeenk. This bull was another sleep all nighter that was born at 74 pounds and grew up nicely with EPDs of CED+12, BW-1.0, WW+44, YW+76, and Milk+20.

Lot 31, 131 Stroh 92, a Feb. 24, 2013, son of Aka Day Time 92 of 162 was the top selling 18 month old bull and went home, along with a few others, to Ross McPherson from Sturgis, South Dakota. This big growthy long age bull weighed in at 72 pounds at birth and grew right along side the others with EPDs of CED+12, BW-1.1. WW+55, YW+93, and Milk+25.

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