Stuber Ranch 52nd Annual Production Sale |

Stuber Ranch 52nd Annual Production Sale

Verle & Mike Jones, Glendivie, MT

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: April 18, 2020

Location: Stuber Ranch Bowman, ND

Auctioneers: Joe Goggins and Greg Goggins


103 Bulls – $3,954

52 Registered Heifers – $2,505

85 Commercial Heifers – $1,009

27 F1 Baldies – $1,200

Lot 20 at $13,000, SR DS Diablo 209G, Dob 3-9-2019, Reg 44039583 SR Indigo 1181Y, sold to Moon Herefords, AR.

Lot 147 at $11,000, SR Dominator 1479G, Dob 4-25-2019, Reg 44038829 BCC Dominator 619D, sold to Krebs Ranch, NE.

Lot 18 at $10,500, SR Mac’s Bandit 189G, Dob 3-9-2019, Reg 44039203 SR Diablo 569G, sold to Krebs Ranch, NE.

Lot 79 at $10,000, SR Aura 789G, Dob 3-1-2019, Reg 44039805, Churchill Mark Dom 697D, sold to Stangle Herefords, NE.

Lot 4 at $8,000, SR Scope 49G, Dob 3-4-2019, Reg 44039252, CL1 Domino 0130X, sold to JD Anderson, SD

Top selling Female:

Lot 9083 at $7,500, SR Staya 9083G, Dob 3-4-2019, Reg F44039831, Churchill Status 6298D, sold to Churchill Cattle Company , Manhattan, MT.

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