Stuber Ranch 54th Annual ‘Program, Production, Product & Profile! ‘ Sale

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: April 16, 2022

Location: Stuber Hereford Ranch-Bowman, North Dakota

Auctioneers: Joe Goggins and Greg Goggins


79 Bulls Averaged $4,924

64 Registered Heifers Averaged $3,049

159 Hereford Commercial Heifers Average $1,279

53 F1 Commercial Heifers Averaged $1,359

Stuber Hereford Ranch charged on through the challenging spring storm and hosted the 54th Annual Production Sale April 16th,2022 at the Ranch Near Bowman, North Dakota. A powerful set of bulls and fancy females was offered to the buyers in the seats and Joe & Greg conducted a snappy sale. Congratulations!

Lot 83 at $21,500, SR AURA 831J, 3/5/21, CHURCHILL MARK DOM 6970 x SR DOMINA 8143F, Sold to Van Newkirk Herefords-Oshkosh, Nebraska

Lot 1620 at $18,000, SR DIGNITY 1620H, 5/26/20, SR DOMINATE 308F x SR RHONDA 678D, Sold to Pied Piper Farms-Hamlin, Texas

Lot 63 at $15,000, SR DOMINATOR 631J, 3/26/21, BCC DOMINATOR 619D x CHURCHILL LADY 1162Y, Sold to Monte Shockley-Poteau, Oklahoma

Lot 15 at $10,000, SR M-H DOMINATOR 151J, 3/5/21, BCC DOMINATOR 619D x CHURCHILL LADY 7450E, Sold to Engelhaupt Herefords-Butte, Nebraska

Lot 56 at $10,000, SR DOMINATE 561J, 3/25/21, SR DOMINATE 308F x CHURCHILL LADY 7189E, Sold to Ryan Wolf-Fredonia, North Dakota

Lot 104 at $10,000, SR DOMINATOR 1041J, 3/29/21, BCC DOMINATOR x SR TURNELLA 709E, Sold to Cole Elshere-Faith, South Dakota

High Selling Registered Hereford Heifer

Lot 1085 at $10,000, SR DOMINA 1085J, 3/1/21, BCC DOMINATOR 619D x SR AURITA 9097G, Sold to Loeher Farms-Peoria, Illinois

A customer looking over the cattle.
Kyndra Elshere and daughter from Faith, South Dakota.
Pied Piper Farms-Hamlin, Texas , purchased lot 1620 for $18,000.

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