Styles Angus 40th Annual Production Sale Report |

Styles Angus 40th Annual Production Sale Report

Adam Holler, Aberdeen, S.D., with Riverside Angus, bought the high-selling heifer.

TSLN Reps: Chris Effling, Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: March 13, 2018

Location: at the farm, Brentford, S.D.

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


60 bulls averaged $5,383

40 open heifers $2,330

Lot 10, at $13,000 STYLES CHECK OUT V690 Dob 8-26-2016 Reg 18783819 Styles Cashed In 58 x Styles Forever Lady S20 sold to Duetenhoffer Ranch, Westport, S.D.

Lot 51, at $11,500 STYLES BROKEN BOW X24 Dob 1-16-2017 Reg 18891679 KM Broken Bow 002 x Styles Baybreak T23 sold to Malson Angus, Parma,Idaho.

Lot 30, at $11.000 STYLES SUPER M Z 92 Dob 2-11-2017 Reg 18891719 Musgrave super M x Styles Lassie S4120 sold to Fox Angus, Watertown, S.D.

Lot 43 at $10,000 STYLES CONVERSATION X85 Dob 2-11-2017 Reg 18891717 SAC Conversation x Styles Ms SP SDGN 0252 sold to Gary Fairhead, Fresno, Calif.

Top selling heifer

Lot 62 STYLES POWERMAKER X703 Dob 1-3-2017 Reg 8891367 sold to Riverside Angus, Aberdeen, S.D.

Forty years in the cattle business made for a very strong sale.


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