The Red Connection 2nd Annual Sale |

The Red Connection 2nd Annual Sale

Date: March 11, 2015

Location: Madison Livestock Sale Co., Madison, S.D.

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Chris Effling

Average: 39 head of Red Angus bulls $6,050

There was plenty of excitement in the air as TC Reds, Ringle Wisconsin and Weber Land and Cattle, Lake Benton, Minnesota, offered up their very best in a joint sale for the second year in a row. Not only were the cattleman talking, bidding and buyin, but Jesse Weber’s wife Michelle was also scheduled to have a baby later that day in Sioux Falls. The crowd and consigners were abuzz.

TCs and Webers have exhibited champion’s at Denver Pen shows, Louisville, Kansas City and the Black Hills Stock Show. These cattle not only have eye appeal but they also have performance and balance to them.

These two great Red Angus families will host a female sale in at Webers’ place at Lake Benton the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Mark your calendar. It will be a good one.

Top seller

Weber bull- Lot 13, $14,000 to Troy Jones, Bladen, Nebraska.

This son of Doc Holliday, out of a BJR JR107 dam posted a 75 pound birthweight, 710 pound weaning weight. His BW EPD was –4.1 and YW was 93.

Weber bull – Lot 12, $13,000 to DK Red Angus, Grenora, North Dakota. This bull was a flushmate to the top selling lot 13 bull.

TC Reds – Lot 1 – $10,000, Byron Woodruff, Wessington, South Dakota.

The Card Shark son out of a Perks Advance 121 R daughter posted a BW EPD of -.7 and YW EPD of 93. His actual birthweight was 75 pounds.

Weber bull – Lot 40, $10,000, Lais Farms, Chandler Minnesota

This guy was a Boxed Beef son out of a Messmer Julian dam. His numbers were impressive too, with a -1.7 BW EPD, 90 YW EPD and then he posted a 773 pound WW and a 1,337 pound yearling weight.

Weber bull – Lot 2, $9,500 to Byron Woodruff. This fast-growing guy had EPDs like this: -3.5 BW, 87 YW, along with a 77 pound BW, 753 pound WW and 1,336 pound yearling weight.

Weber bull – Lot 37, $9,500 to Weber Charolais and Red Angus at Wagner, South Dakota.

This Power Eye son out of a Doc Holliday daughter displayed these EPDs -3.4 BW, 58 WW, 101 YW.

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