Thorstenson Hereford Ranch 39th Annual Production Sale |

Thorstenson Hereford Ranch 39th Annual Production Sale

Pat Lawrence of Mobridge, South Dakota, bought two Angus bulls, including Lot 5173 at $6,500, and Lot 5043 at $2,500.

Date: Apr. 9, 2016

Location: at the ranch, west and south of Selby, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle, Meadow, South Dakota

Reported by: Dan Piroutek


28 yrlg Hereford bulls – $4,080

11 yrlg Angus bulls – $3,864

24 reg. yrlg Hereford heifers – $2,006

Thorstenson Hereford Ranch held their 39th production sale at their ranch, located in north central South Dakota near the beautiful Oahe reservoir. A good crowd showed up, despite a stout wind that covered a big area that day. Bill Thorstenson, along with his son, Darin, and their families, work hard for customer satisfaction and profitability in their operation.

This was a really well-grown set of yearling bulls, both Hereford and Angus. These are good Hereford bulls with only the top 20 percent offered for sale. The cattle have a lot of hair, with depth of body and width throughout. These cattle have gentle dispositions and are easy to handle.

The Hereford herd bulls used here are outstanding, with the home-raised sire, THR Thor 4029 “Thor” being the anchor. He is out of one of the best cow families on the ranch. His sons and daughters are some of the highest indexing cattle on the ranch.

Other good resident herd bulls are JDH 15Wangler 25L, SR Saga 529W, and NJW 37U 100W Trust 113Z. “Trust” is a homozygous polled herd sire. Mac’s Rendition is a low birth weight bull with curve bending numbers and a good disposition.

Top selling bull of the day was a Hereford bull, Lot 5088. The winning bidder was repeat buyer Brandon Rohrbach from Roscoe, South Dakota, with his bid of $8,000. This bull was sired by Trust and out of a “Dam of Distinction” by Domino 500R. He had a 661 pound weaning weight to ratio 111. His EPDs included BW 3.6, WW 58, YW 99, MILK 27, M&G 56, REA 0.42, and MARB 0.13.

Another top Hereford bull was Lot 5105, selling for $7750 to Marlin Thorstenson, Selby, South Dakota. Here was a son of NJW 37U Trust, and out of a Wrangler daughter. His EPDs were BW 4.3, WW 61, YW 99, MILK 21, and REA 0.61.

Reuer Farm from Hoven, South Dakota, bought another son of Trust at $7,500 in Lot 5176. Pictured in the catalog, he was out of a L1 Domino 05455 cow that has a weaning weight ratio of 108 on her calves. This polled Hereford is thick and deep.

Lot 5150 sold for $7,250 to Dan Schneider from Java, South Dakota. He was by Trust and out of a Thor daughter. He hit the ground at 89 pounds, and weaned at 679 pounds to ratio 114.

Eric Stuwe, Hoven, South Dakota, was the winning bidder on Lot 5020, a son of Pyramid 3027 Domino 1109. His mother was a daughter of Mac’s Rendition 20X, and his purchase price was $6,500.

In the Angus bull division, Lot 5090 sold for $6,500 to Dana Goehring from Mound City, South Dakota. This son of S Chisum 1193 was out of a cow by LeMar Bushwacker 65T. Born at 80 pounds, he weaned at 725 pounds to ratio 125.

Pat Lawrence from Mobridge, South Dakota, selected Lot 5173 at $6,500. He was a son of S Chisum and out of a LeMar Freightliner cow. With an 89 pound birth weight, he weaned at 782 pounds to ratio 126. His mother had a weaning index of 110.

Reuer Farm from Hoven, South Dakota, chose Lot 5170 at $5,500. This Angus bull was sired by S Chisum 1193 and out of a dam by LeMar Final Answer.

On the registered heifer portion of the sale, the top heifer was Lot 5188, selling for $2,900 to Cane Creek Cattle from Glenham, South Dakota. Hillview Farm, Pollack, South Dakota, found the Lot 5128 Hereford heifer at $2,800.

It was a good day for this long-standing Hereford and Angus family—but just a little breezy!