Thorstenson Hereford Ranch Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Curt Westland

Date of Sale: 04/09/2022

Location: At the ranch Selby, SD

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle


26 Yearling Hereford Bulls Avg. $3,865

Lot 1085 at $7,000 THR THOR 1085J son of PYRAMID HOMETOWN 7030 ET x THR MISS THOR 3289A sold to Tom Semmier, Parkston, SD.

Lot 1166 at $6,750 THR THOR 1166J son of PYRAMID DOMINO 6107 x THR MISS THOR 6288D sold to Jason Rutar, Springview, NE

26 Yearling Angus Bulls Avg. $3,685

Lot 1313 at $6,750 THR THOR 1313J son of MOHNEN RAINFALL 3978 x THR MISS THOR 9067G sold to Todd Mangin, Gettysburg, SD

Lot 1014 at $5,500 THR THOR 1014J son of MOHNEN RAINFALL 3978 x THR MISS THOR 9296G sold to Toby Biel, Java, SD

26 Registered Yearling Hereford Heifers

Lot 1254 at $2,900 THR MISS THOR 1254J daughter of PYRAMID DOMINO 6107 x THR MISS THOR 7159E sold to Johnson Hereford Farm, Milford, IA.

Lot 1332 at $2,500 THR MISS THOR 1332J daughter of NJW 21C 6589 IGNITE 97G ET x THR MISS THOR 8180F sold to Tricky’s Herefords, Winfred, SD.

29 Commercial Yearling Angus Heifers Avg. $1,500


It was a beautiful day for the Thorstenson Hereford Ranch production sale. Bill and his family offered a set of bulls and females that will perform, stay sound, and go out to your ranch and be productive. A good crowd was on hand to view and make their selections of a powerful set of genetics.

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