Thorstenson’s Lazy TV Ranch 35th Annual Bull Sale |

Thorstenson’s Lazy TV Ranch 35th Annual Bull Sale

Returning customer Ken Yerger, Harlowtown, Mont., selected five red Balancers and a black Balaner bull.

Date: March 5

Location: the ranch, near Selby, S.d.

Auctioneers: Lynn Weishaar and Seth Weishaar


32 Yearling and fall Angus bulls – $4,121

145 Yearling and fall Balancer bulls – $4,331

177 bulls – $4,290

Owners Vaughn and Wendy Thorstenson and Brian and DeDee Begeman hosted the sale.

Repeat customers made up 80 percent of the buyers and bulls were sold into eight states.

High-Selling Balancers:

Lot 1 – Post Rock Cattle Company, Barnard, Kan., chose Lazy TV Discovery C136, a homozygous black Balancer out of a Dam of Merit posting a 1,410-lb. Adj. yearling weight for $15,000. He also featured CED, BW, WW, YW, Milk, REA, Marbling and FPI EPDs that all ranked in the top 15 percent of the Gelbvieh breed.

Lot 132 – Lazy TV Iron C027, a red yearling Balancer, was claimed by Dan Materi, Strasburg, N.D., for a price of $11,500. Sired by Bieber Barking Iron Z486, Lot 132 indexed 131 for Average Daily Gain along with a YW EPD in the top three percent of the breed. He dam is a first-calf heifer out of a Dam of Distinction.

Lot 137 – Longtime customer Richard Jore of Watford City, N.D., selected Lazy TV Redemption C214 at $10,000. Sired by Brown Redemption, the red Balancer featured calving ease along with performance EPDs all in the top 20 percent of the breed.

Lot 3 – Repeat buyers DeWayne and Scott Zambo of Java, S.D., bid $9,500 to own Lazy TV Excitement C113, a yearling homozygous black Balancer. Sired by Basin Excitement, he sported WW and YW EPDs in the top one percent of the breed and ratioed 122 on weaning weight.

Lots 125 and 140 – Merle and Adrienne Hicks of Martin, S.D., bid $9,250 each to own this pair of stout red Balancer yearlings. Both bulls had CED, WW, YW and Marbling EPDs in the top one-fourth of the breed coupled with impressive Feed Efficiency data.

High-selling Angus

Lot 179 – Topping the Angus offering was Lazy TV Absolute C5002, a yearling sired by KCF Bennett Absolute. He featured BW, WW and YW EPDs all in the top three percent of the breed. Eagle Pass Ranch, Highmore, S.D., made the final bid at $7,500.