Thorstenson’s Lazy TV Ranch 41st Annual Bull Sale |

Thorstenson’s Lazy TV Ranch 41st Annual Bull Sale


TSLN Reps: Dan Piroutek and Dennis Ginkens

Date: Mar. 5, 2022

Location: At the ranch, Selby, SD

Owners: Vaughn and Wendy Thorstenson, Brian and DeDee Begeman, Levi and Gina Goetz

Auctioneers: Lynn Weishaar and Seth Weishaar


106 yearling Balancer Bulls – $5,133

42 yearling Angus Bulls – $3,929

19 yearling SimAngus Bulls – $6,000

166 Total Bulls – $4,985

A good crowd of repeat customers braved cold weather and sketchy road conditions for the 41st Annual Lazy TV Ranch sale March 5. The Lazy TV Ranch program focuses on customer satisfaction by utilizing 12 years of feed-efficiency testing, rigid culling for maternal traits and structure, along with performance and carcass data. Active internet and in-house bidding sold bulls into 10 states and several seedstock programs.

Top Selling Bulls:

$16,500 – Lot 2 Lazy TV Derecho J660, black Balancer sired by DBRG Whirlwind 735E sold to Mulroy Farms, Mayette, Kansas.

$13,500 – Lot 1 Lazy TV Midnight Cowboy J494, black Balancer sired by Musgrave Cowboy 668-00649 sold to Handel Farms, Menno, South Dakota.

$13,000 – Lot 104 Lazy TV Sniper J953, red SimAngus sired by KBHR Sniper E036 sold to Skip Rau, Selby, South Dakota.

$11,000 – Lot 112 Lazy TV Homemade J394, red Balancer sired by Lazy TV Homemade G420 sold to Cody Ritter and Michael Vander Vorst, Akaska, South Dakota.

$10,500 – Lot 32 Lazy TV Powerpoint J368, black Balancer sired by Mogck Powerpoint 69 sold to Montgomery Gelbvieh, Amarillo, Texas.

$10,000 – Lot 4 Lazy TV Downpour J422, black Balancer sired by S A V Downpour 8794 sold to Wes and Brittney Spencer of Beastrom Ranch, Pierre, South Dakota.

$10,000 – Lot 150 Lazy TV Stunner 9307 1151, Angus sired by Lazy TV Stunner 9307 sold to Larry Thompson, Glenham, South Dakota.

$9500 – Lot 15 Lazy TV Lieutenant Colonel J599, black Balancer sired by KCF Bennett Colonel E803 sold to North Fork Gelbvieh Ranch, Wilmot, South Dakota.

$9500 – Lot 13 Lazy TV Strong Man J516, black Balancer sired by Lazy TV Strong Man G547 sold to John Haefner, Mound City, South Dakota.

$9500 – Lot 23 Lazy TV Pebbles J679, black Balancer sired by Lazy TV Pebbles G564 sold to Dean Grosz, Olivet, South Dakota.

$9500 – Lot 3 Lazy TV Pebbles J707, black Balancer sired by Lazy TV Pebbles G564 sold to Merle and Adrienne Hicks, Martin, South Dakota.

Cody Ritter and Michael Vander Vorst, Akaska, South Dakota, teamed up to buy the high-selling red Balancer bull.
Volume buyer Justin Thompson, McLaughlin, South Dakota, picked out a nice load of black Balancer and Angus bulls.

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