Thorstenson’s Lazy TV Ranch Gelbvieh and Angus 37th Annual Bull Sale |

Thorstenson’s Lazy TV Ranch Gelbvieh and Angus 37th Annual Bull Sale

Three generations of Thompsons check out sale offering. From left are Ryder, Greg, and Larry Thompson of Glenham, South Dakota. A longtime customer, Larry, purchased the high-selling bull at $14,000.

Date: Mar. 3, 2018

Location: At the ranch, Selby, S.D.

Owners: Vaughn and Wendy Thorstenson, Brian and DeDee Begeman

Auctioneers: Lynn Weishaar and Seth Weishaar

Tri-State Representative: Dan Piroutek


12 Gelbvieh bulls – $4,979

120 Balancer bulls – $4,508

38 Angus bulls – $4,979

170 Total bulls – $4,630

A sunny spring day greeted the crowd attending the Thorstenson’s Lazy TV Ranch 37th Annual Bull Sale held March 3 at their ranch west of Selby, South Dakota. Buyers from nine states kept the bidding active both live and via the internet.

Topping the sale offering at $14,000 was lead-off Angus, Lot 176, selling to longtime customer, Larry Thompson, of Glenham, South Dakota. Sired by Schiefelbein iBull, he posted a 122 WW index and a 125 YW index, along with above average feed efficiency.

Leo Gauderman, Glenfield, North Dakota, claimed Lot 121, sired by Bieber Hard Drive Y120, and also a maternal brother to Lazy TV Big Bud for $10,000. The red Balancer indexed 135 for IMF, and was also well above average for feed efficiency.

Another longtime customer, Richard Jore, of Watford City, North Dakota, chose the next two red Balancers, including Lot 125 at $10,000 and Lot 123 at $9,500. Both of these bulls were also sired by Hard Drive, and posted performance indexes well above average.

Dale Gasho Ranch from Beach, North Dakota, selected the high-selling black Balancer in Lot 4, sired by DBRG Twister 451B, at $9000. Lot 4’s performance EPDs rank in the top 5 percent of the Gelbvieh breed, and he is also homozygous polled.

Gasho also chose Lot 11, another black BA63 sired by Twister, for $8,750. Lot 11 indexed 117 for weaning weight.

Dean Grosz, Olivet, South Dakota, had the final bid of $8,750 on Angus Lot 182. Sired by VAR Discovery 2240, and out of a first-calf heifer, he posted a 120 WW index and a 116 YW index.

Volume buyer, Merle Hicks of Martin, South Dakota, chose Lot 127, another Hard Drive-sired red Balancer, for $8,250.