TJS Red Angus 10th Annual ‘Red Truck’ Sale |

TJS Red Angus 10th Annual ‘Red Truck’ Sale

Secong high selling bull, lot 31.

Date of Sale: Feb. 2, 2018

Location: Buffalo WY

TSLN Rep: Dixon Scott

Auctioneer: Ty Thompson


110 Two Year Olds – $5,583

17 Yearlings $3,235

Lot 1 at $45,000 to Marvin Rehbein, Arlee, Montana; TJS Road Block D008; April 26, 2016; 5L Blockade 2218-30B x Buf Crk Black Magic.

Lot 31 at $24,000 to Murdock Cattle Company, Pendelton, Oregon; TJS Buf Crk Blockade D092; May 16, 2016; 5L Blockade x Loosli Right Kind.

Lot 4 at $15,000 to Ron Christiansen, Sterling, Utah; TJH Blockade D232; May 22, 2016; 5L Blockade x TJS Berry Cherry.

Lot 32 at $13,000 to Ron Christiansen; TJS Blockade D227; 5L Blockade x PIE Robo7004.

Lot 16 at $10,750 to Tim Dwyer, Sidney, Montana; TJS Pledge D205; May 21, 2016; Leachman Pledge x TR Epic.

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