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TSN Simmentals Annual Bull Sale

Longtime customer David Bogenhagen, with son Brant, from White Lake, South Dakota, bought Lot 36 for $ 6250.

Date: Mar. 21, 2017

Location: Platte Livestock Market, Platte, SD

Auctioneer: Preston Burma

Reported by: Dan Piroutek

Averages: 35 yrlg Simmental and Sim-Angus Bulls ave. $ 3261

TSN Simmentals, owned by Tim and Sandy Naasz, and their family, Rebecca, Shad, and Sawyer, hosted a nice crowd of mostly repeat buyers for their annual bull sale at Platte Livestock.

This strong set of bulls were very gentle, containing a lot of volume. They were good on their feet and legs, and packed full of muscle.

The bulls were not overfed, and were presented in modest condition.

Some of their sires included, CCR Frontier 0053Z, TNT Tanker U263, WS All-Around Z35, CCR Cowboy Cut 5048Z, TSN Rito B855, JLK Mr. Ranch Hand 680, TSN Protégé Z896, WS Pilgrim H182U, W/C Executive Order, TSN Final Answer Y990, WS Beef King W107, and others.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 36, selling for $ 6250, to David Bogenhagen, White Lake, South Dakota. This homozygous black Simmental bull was sired by WS All-Around Z35, and out of a daughter of TNT Tanker U263. Born at 83 pounds, he weaned at 667 pounds to ratio 111. He gained almost 4 pounds per day, and had a 15.54 square inch rib eye to ratio 111. His EPDs were CE 12.4, BW 0.0, WW 81.6, YW 122.6, MILK 22.5, MWW 63.3, CW 42.4, and REA 0.96. This makes for an API (All-Purpose Index) of 150.0 and TI (Terminal Index) of 85.3.

Another popular bull was Lot 43, selling for $ 5300, to Jeff Kuhlman, Wagner, South Dakota. With a 90 pound birth weight, this heterozygous black bull weaned at 692 pounds to ratio 115. Half Angus and half Simmental, he was sired by CCR Frontier 0053Z, and out of a daughter of Hoover Dam. This gentle bull had an excellent disposition to complement his good EPDs of CE 13.5, BW 0.0, WW 70.2, CW 37, YW 112.5, MCE 5, MILK 27, MWW 62.1, and REA 1.11. His rib eye measured 15.44 square inches.

After some active bidding on Lot 17, the winner, at $ 4000, was Randy Brukelman, Stickney, South Dakota. This homozygous black bull was 5/8 Simmental and 3/8 Angus. Sired by TSN Protégé Z896, he was out of a daughter of GW Predestined 701T. Entering the world at 93 pounds, he weaned at 658 pounds to ratio 107, and gained 4.22 pounds per day on test. His yearling weight was 1278 pounds to ratio 114. His rib eye was almost 15 square inches to ratio 106. Completing the package were EPDs of CE 12.3, BW 0.5, WW 84.8, YW 139.7, MCE 8.1, MILK 23.8, MWW 66.2, CW 53.9, and REA 1.01. His IMF ratio was 107.

David Bogenhagen’s next selection was Lot 2 at $ 3900. This homozygous black bull was 88 pounds at birth. He weaned at 696 pounds to ratio 116, and grew to a yearling weight of 1300 pounds, after gaining 4.02 pounds on test. Three quarters Simmental and a quarter Angus, he was sired by WS All-Around Z35, and out of a daughter of Mytty In Focus. His EPDs were CE 13.6, BW 0.2, WW 84.3, YW 129.2, MCE 15.0, MILK 23.4, MWW 65.6, CW 46.7, REA 0.79, API 147.8, and TI 82.9. He had a 15.3 square inch rib eye to ratio 109.

Another bull at $ 3900 was Lot 4. This homozygous black bull had a 16.15 square inch rib eye to ratio 114. Sired by TNT Tanker U263, and out of a daughter of Mytty In Focus, he was ¾ Simmental and ¼ Angus. This stout bull was 95 pounds at birth and weaned at 642 pounds to ratio 105. His EPDs were CE 5.9, BW 1.2, WW 72.6, YW 112.1, MCE 10.8, MILK 25.5, and REA 1.10.

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