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TSN Simmentals Annual Bull Sale



TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 23, 2021


Location: Platte Livestock, Platte, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Brad Veurink


54 Bulls – $4,283


What a beautiful early spring day for the TSN Simmentals and the entire crew. Great crowd on the seats.

Lot 7 at $8,750 TSN EAGLE H168, Dob 3-13-2020, Hooks Eagle 6E x TSN Miss Cowboy sold to Mike Boe, Turtle Lake, North Dakota.

Lot 30 at $7,000, TSN TIMBER H818, Dob 2-10-2020, Koch Big Timber 685D x TSN Miss Sure Fire F273, sold to Jamie and Jeff Assman, Wessington Springs, South Dakota.

Lot 13 at $6,500, TSN VISIONARY H809, Dob 2-15-2020, TCA Visionary 158 x TSN Miss Cowbot Cut F077, sold to Nick Strand, Platte, South Dakota.

Lot 5 at $6250 TSN EAGLE H807, Dob 2-1-2020, Hook’s Eagle 6E x TSN Pays 2B EVE sold to Jerry Wulfe Plankington, South Dakota.

Tim talking with customers Jeff and Jamie Assman before the sale.


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